"Magicianary" - A missionary who does magic to bring joy and happiness as well as share the gospel with the people of Madagascar (According to Brad)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 3, 2011 to Family

Dear Family,     
That’s crazy that Dad went to Canada! I guess we’re all going to strange, far-off places. Me to Madagascar, Mom to Washington D.C., Dad to Alberta, and Nat to Minnesota (or Montana, I can never remember.). Oh, and Phil to Rose Park.

I do know Payton [Hansen – he was also called to Madagascar], that’s pretty cool. Too bad I’m leaving the Monday before that Wednesday.

I’ll definitely write Parker [Nichols, his cousin]. I miss that little/tall guy! Haha!

I’m glad I wasn’t in the room with Grandma [Barlow – Les’ mom who at 86 now has a boyfriend!] & Lorne, I would have been laughing so hard! Well that’s good that those two can be together.

And yes! Melissa! Is! Old!!! I’m glad that I can be the young, fun uncle! I do miss me some Walker chicken. Today at the temple, we went to the cafeteria afterwards. I got the “Champion Chicken”. Let me tell you, it was a champion! The food there is so good, all the time.

I’m so jealous of you guys, you’re going to hear President Thomas S. Monson speak at the graduation! [Dixie State College’s 100 year celebration and Natalie’s graduation.] Maybe he’ll make a quick pit stop at the MTC before!?!?

So being Zone leader, I just welcome in any new districts, go to practically every meeting on Sunday and am in charge of assigning people to bless and pass the sacrament, opening & closing prayer and to play the piano. So it’s pretty busy sometimes, but I like it.

One day during this past week we read and discussed Alma 40 for about 3 ½ hours. Talking about the Plan of Salvation is my favorite, because it has the most mystery.

Well, I gotta start writing some family members now that I have their addresses. Love you all, keep writing, because if you don’t…. you don’t wanna know. (mad face)


Elder Bradford Kent Walker

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