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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Letter to Melissa - 5/10/11

Dear Melissa,

Sorry if this letter is short, I've just already written four other letters. So you can at least be proud of the fact that your little brother is practically famous. I'm trying to be more mature, but my natural instinct is to be funnier than Phil. Luckily, I don't have to try too hard. :)

My companionship is doing well. We just had to get to know each other more. Beyond what we tell each other. And yes Melissa, I CAN believe you are almost 30! I think I'll just call you "30 yr old sister" instead of Melissa. You better have a baby in your arms when I come down those escalators at the airport!

I miss watching movies. I wish they had Disney movies for us to watch on P-day or something. Did you know people in Madagascar can copy American made movies without it being against the law? They just can't copy Mada made movies, but they suck so who would want them. So you can buy good movies for like 3 or 5 bucks! You can also get way good paintings or custom suits for 40-50 bucks! That's crazy, I want to get a painting before I leave.

I like how patriarchal blessings are kind of a guide. Something to follow and live up to. Even though there is or can be some kind of "fortune telling" in it. Like mine said, "you'll be called to distant lands to serve the Lord." Who knew that I would go to Madagascar! The furthest place you can get to on earth. The Lord did. True inspiration through the power of the priesthood. And I guess that's what I'll tell you to ponder about. What can having the priesthood in life affect? I would write more but I have lots of responsibilities and places to go.

By the way, just cam back from Devotional and Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke about "the merits, mercy, and grace of God." Pretty cool, 3 Apostles so far. Let's hope for 4!

Lots of Loves,
Bradford Kent Walker

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