"Magicianary" - A missionary who does magic to bring joy and happiness as well as share the gospel with the people of Madagascar (According to Brad)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 26, 2011 to Dan.....i (He thinks he's funny!)

Tired of studying Malagasy
Excerpts from his letter to his sister Dani:

I gave Melissa and Nat a challenge to have a baby before I get back and Phil to be married, but I never gave you one. So, here it is. I challenge you to become as funny as Phil before I get back. And if you become as funny as me, I'll take you to dinner. Unlikely, but I thought I'd give you an option.
I will love you forever. Keep writing and I will keep giving you "elderly" advice. Get it? - "elder-ly!!" Oh, geez, what am I gonna do with myself?

Bradford Walker

April 26, 2011 to Momma

I do get your letters everyday. We check the mailbox a lot because Elder Wilson in my district always wants to check it.:) I'm good on stamps but I do need some envelopes. Could you give me Phil's address so I can write him?

The studying is going great! We just started the second lesson in Malagasy. It's pretty cool. I love the Plan of Salvation. My talk on it was good too. I shared D&C 14:7 (my favorite scripture) and said that we need to trust in the Lord to help us keep the commandments so God can give us the greatest gift of all which is eternal life. And, of course, had a little humor in it.

This letter might sound weird, but it's because I'm just answering your questions as I read through.:) Yes, I want you to forward my emails to everyone because I only write you. And you can take out or put in anything you feel is appropriate.

All the missionaries get to go to the temple on P-day and then just walk around the temple on Sundays. I went today, it was awesome. We also ate at the temple after because at the MTC cafeteria, all the employees are going home for summer so only one line is open, so it takes forever to get your food. I just get cereal first and then get the meal after the line is gone.

I've gotten all your letters so don't worry. And, by the way, if you send 19 more letters through MTCdelivery.com then I get a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, even though I already have enough candy!:)

I've also gotten letters from Aaron and Kate Berry, who I went to Prom with, and Trevor left me a letter the night before he left. I love getting letters and emails, even though it takes me about 3 hours to respond to everyone. It's still worth it.

I wish I could upload pictures and recordings onto the computer but you can't get on any other website besides LDS.org, Mormon.org and LDSmail.net. So you'll get some pictures in the mail in a couple days. And hopefully the computers in Madagascar are better.

Elder Scott shared D&C 8:2, but I think you should read the whole section, it's good. One of the quotes he shared was "we'll never be prompted by the Holy Ghost for something we cannot do." I wonder who tonight's speaker is going to be?

I can definitely feel your hug and kisses! I remember them well.:)

With all the love in the world,
Your Son

April 26, 2011 - Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
I heard from Mom that you have sold something like nine franchises! It's amazing wherever you go, you make things better. I'm just so blessed to have a father like you to teach me how to work hard, be obedient in life and the gospel. You've taught me how to be respectful and nice, have fun when it's appropriate and to be clean, how to take care of myself, to do my own laundry, to mow the lawn, to love everyone, and last but not least, to play golf. Mom has helped teach some of these things too.:) I can hear Mom's scream right now. You'll have to send me a picture of it.
Well, I'm working hard, and like I said, it's because of you. Basically, anyone that is baptized by me is because of the family you and Mom raised to help me through life, to get me there. I love you and will always write back.

Bradford Walker

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 21, 2011 to Melys-a

Dear Melys-a,

I'm glad you didn't give me a hard time for spelling your name wrong. I'll keep the tradition going. :) Ya, so I only have 5 people in my district. It is the smallest one I've seen besides my Zone leaders. They only have two. There was supposed to be 4 but 1 didn't show, and 1 left after the first day. They are going to Mongolia, they are pretty chill. I guess you could say they're my best-friends right now. Well besides, Olex of course! I don't know if I told you cuz I right a lot of letters and type emails but I saw Olex but we never get to talk for a long time. As you have probably already seen in my email I sent. I really do need to speed up my typing cuz it is really hard to send a full email or at least what I want to put in. So Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us. It was really cool. It was survival of the fittest to get the closest seat though! Some old people almost got knocked over! But everyone was o.k.

Sorry, I kinda got side-tracked. Everyone in my district is going to Madagascar. But as we were sitting in class one day, my teacher says that the Mission President, Pres. Donnely, wants every missionary to learn both Malagasy and French! So they are not restricted to one island or another. So if that happens, us missionaries will just have to learn while we are flying over to the other island. It would be cool and useful after my mission, ya know, cuz the ladies like da french. Haha! But I would still not want to. :) The last time I checked, I weighed 6 lbs. more than usual. I'll have to check tomorrow though. My district is not the most fun people to be around. Except one, Elder Shaw. He's not my companion, but our whole district usually stays together anyways. He actually does have 4 younger sisters. I lied in my email or letter I sent, I can't remember. Phil better be married by the time I get back! I know I said, "at least engaged", but I'm raising the bar. Because that's what missionaries do. We go to the Temple every week. Actually a temple walk on Sundays and then we actually do a session on Thursdays.

I love you and will continue to write!

Oh, and tell Mom to put my address on the blog if she hasn't already. Cuz G&G sent me an email asking about it.

Elder Bradford K. Walker

Will I ever be mature?
I hope not!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011

Just so everyone knows my P-day is now on Tuesdays. They just changed everyone's schedule so now you don't have as much time with the teachers. It's really weird after having so much class time to basically no time at all. It's amazing that they trust us so much to work on our own. Haha!

Brother O'day, who is my favorite teacher, was telling us some stories about his mission. About the toilets, the people, and the strong experiences with the Holy Ghost. It was really cool to hear about' it made me want to go to Madagascar the next day! I wouldn't even care if I didn't know any Malagasy!

Later today I'll write some letters to people, so be sure to wait by the mailbox tomorrow. And yes Mom, I have been getting every one of your letters, so you can stop asking me. (that was in a loving tone)

I have been doing some magic tricks to my district and zone. So now I can officially claim the title of Magicianary! (you can correct that to however it is actually spelled)

Thank you so much for the Easter basket! Everyone got a huge box of candy and no one knows what to do with it. Oh, and the jacket too, it gets quite nippy some days.

When you asked me, or someone else asked me..., if they did anything special on Easter for us well, on Easter Sunday, they asked me to play the piano in Sacrament and Priesthood until I leave. I was called to give a talk on the Plan of Salvation. It was wonderful by the way, don't worry. And last but not least, my companionship are now the Zone Leaders! So ya, I got some special treatment. So tomorrow is our first time introducing new missionaries. We have to show 'em the ropes and be an example or whatever. I don't know how that's gonna work out. I'll tell you how it goes and if I am a good "leader".

I've been trying to send some pictures in emails but it's not working so I'm just going to send home some actual pictures and a CD of them too.

I am thinking about auditioning to play the piano for something. I'm not sure. My companions are always in a hurry and I am guessing they won't want to sit while I practice the piano. It's the same way when i try to talk to Olex. The world is tearing me apart from the things I love!!!!

Anyways, I love you all so very much and I work hard for everyone too! I'll talk to you all next week!

April 21, 2011

Dear Momma,
I wish I could write back as soon as possible, but I never have enough time, ya know cuz I'm studying so much...:) My P-day is Thursdays, so if you send emails Wednesday and letters Tuesday, that would be awesome!

I did meet the seam ripper lady, but she was handing out the ID cards instead. I did still say I wanted to meet her though. (We saw her on TV during the MTC special between General Conference sessions. Brad purposely didn't open the seam on his suit pocket where they put the name tags because he said he wanted to meet the "seam ripper lady". What a nut!)

I got the family history stuff and I also got the Hep A & B stuff too.

I've only seen Olex a couple of times but we are not in the same building or mealtime, but he is in the same room as Priesthood right before me. I think the people in charge of assigning kids to rooms knew that we were trouble, so they tried to keep us as far apart as they could.

Being in a threesome is hard. You don't just have to cooperate with one companion but two! We have our differences, but we work it out. I hope I'm just in a twosome when I go to Madagascar.

Phil, you should volunteer as an investigator here so that afterwards you can give my district a "joke" seminar. I'm strugglin' over here alone! I need my partner in crime, so we can double team 'em. I think that's the thing I miss the most is having fun and joking around. My district is so serious and not fun. They tell any Elder that's talking to a Sister to "choose the right." It's cuz ALL of them don't have sisters, so they think talking or laughing with a Sister is a sin. Man, I need help! At least the other districts are cool, so I can have fun with them.

Don't worry, Carol, I'm keeping an eye on Olex so he doesn't do anything silly.

I love you all so very much and will keep writing!
Mandra pihoana! Mazotoa!
Elder Bradford Walker

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mission call video from December 2010

I finally just posted Brad's mission call video - in the archives under 2010. I'm trying to keep everything in chronological order - okay so I'm a little OCD - sue me!

April 21, 2011

Here are some excerpts from his latest email...
Hey everyone! I love the emails, keep sending them! I might not respond to everything but I found a spot to print them out. So don't worry if you weren't answered. I'll answer them in a letter.

(His cousin, James Blake, just received his mission call to Kentucky Louisville, reporting June 22nd.)Thats so exciting for James! Tell him to look for Aaron Lloyd, cuz I think he's going in that same day!

On Saturday we will be teaching the whole first lesson in Malagasy! I'm scared. It is still crazy how long the words are in Malagasy! I've gotten used to some of the words but my favorite right now is "Fanekempihiana" which means covenant.
(Here are some questions we asked him and his responses)
How many are in your district and what are their names?
There are 5 Elders in my district/class altogether: Maua'i, Fryer, Wilson, Shaw and me.
Are you feeling like you're getting enough sleep?
It was hard the first couple of days but now I'm used to it.
How's your collarbone feeling?
It hurts if I wear my backpack too long so that's why I stopped.
What do you do during gym?
I usually play volleyball cuz that's the funnest and I can't play b-ball.
Do you like the food in the cafeteria?
Ya it's all fake but I'm not picky.
What do you usually eat?
Anything. I think they purposefully make the food bad to prepare you for the mission haha!

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 14, 2011

(Excerpts from letter to Melissa, one of the sisters)

Hey Melissa!

I almost spelled your name with an "i". :) And just because the Lord knows I won't see it again doesn't mean I wanted it either! (I said it was his fault we were getting all this snow, because he won't see it for 2 years.) It's cold wearing just your suit jacket. So hopefully, that was the last snow storm. It was pretty funny because one of my companions is from Hawaii. His name is Maua'i, which sounds just like Hawaii, if you're struggling to say it out loud in your apartment. And he was so facsinated by the snow because this was his first time seeing it. And then two other people in my district are from Arizona, so they normally don't see snow. And my other companion (I have two if you didn't catch that) has rarely seen snow, so I'm the only one in my district, which is 5, that wanted it to stop snowing and get warm! But gladfully, it's warmed up now. That's awesome that Brian is so close to graduating. I know you guys will be fine with whatever happens. I still don't know what I want to major in. I guess it's good I have two years to think about it.


(I was having trouble spelling in my letter to him, so his response was:) And don't worry about spelin' words cuz I'm bat at tht to. Haha!


They just need to "do their best, and the Lord will do the rest." That quote is one of many favorites that I've heard. Except it's "your" instead of "their". I hope you don't mind me not making a new paragraph in the right place. I just don't care that much. :)

I'm love in the MTC so far. It's crazy how fast you can learn with the Spirit helping you. I know how to pray, bear testimony, have a short conversation and give a quick, simple first lesson, in Malagasy. It's hard to keep learning everyday though. It just reminds you how much you need to rely on the Lord. The first 4 1/2 days were the hardest because it's so jam packed you don't have time to do anything, but now it's good. My companions are Elder Maua'i from Hawaii and Elder Fryer from overseas but went to school in New York before he came but was born in Utah. (Elder Fryer's doesn't ryhme as well). There are two other people in our district which makes 5. And no, it doesn't sound like gibberish anymore, (the Malagasy) just a little jumbled when my teachers talk really fast. I'll just share two more quotes that I like because I have to go.

"Salvation is not cheap, it takes hard work."

"Look for the miracles" (every day) I like to add that end part.

I love you and will keep writing!

Mandra pihoana! (See ya later) Mazotoa! (Be diligent)

Elder Bradford Walker

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

I was a little disappointed that I didn't have any emails from the family, especially Dani cuz she's on the computer so much. Just kidding, you know I love you. Well the MTC is great, it is crazy how much and how fast we learn here. You can definitely tell if you have the Spirirt helping you or not. I already know how to pray, bear my testimony, and give a simple first lesson in Malagasy! I love all my teachers, Brother O'Day, Brother Bell, and Brother Rasolo. Brother Rasolo is actually from Madagascar. I would share a scripture with you but I didnt bring them to the laundry room. (where the computers are) I could see Phil trying to make a joke there. :) So I'll just share a couple quotes that are currently my favorite Because they are the only ones I've heard since I've been here.  "Salvation is not cheap, it takes hard work" "Look for the miracles in each day" "Do your best, and the Lord will do the rest" This last one is my all time favorite cuz it's totally what they teach us here. "Preach my Gospel, and use words if necessary" Well I have to go cuz my thirty min is almost up, so I'll talk to you guys next week. (Hopefully I'll have some emails to respond to) Mandra pihoana! (see you later) Mazotoa! (Be diligent)  Just a cool word I want to share is The Gospel in Malagasy is Filizantsara! Anyways, Love you all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 8, 2011


I am learning so much everyday! I love my teachers, Rahalahy (which means brother) O'day, Rahalahy Rasolo, he is from Madagascar, and then Rahalahy Bell. Each one is a different teacher and I love every way!
I started to feel frustrated and very overwhelmed but I pray each time I have those feelings and even if I am not concious of the Lord helping me sometimes, I just remember what I am doing this for. The MTC is not just about learning a language or learning more about the gospel, it's about teaching the person. Not just teaching itself. When you teach a person for the first time , especially a Malagasy person, you have to be very, and I mean VERY simple in the way you teach. In the way you say or word things to the very words you use! Like "the gospel was lost", instead of "apostasy" or "guidelines" instead of "gospel". And the way they form sentences is backwards. If is was in English it would be "loves us God" instead of "God loves us". It might seem hard to learn but with the Spirit helping you constantly, you pick it up abnormally quick.
Tia my filazantsara aho sy mianatra tia ny teny gasy aho. Nahafantatra Andriamanitra tia insika aho. Amin ny anarani Jesoa Kristy, Amena. (I love the gospel and I love learning Malagasy. I know God loves us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.)
Sorry for the confusion of letters. We didn't have time to go to the mailroom, so that's why I sent both at one time.
Elder Walker

P.S. They need more clear records on my Hep A&B shots. Which shot was which Hep. Thank you and I love all of you. Mandra pihoana! (see you later!)

April 6, 2011

Dear Family,
Manahoano! (Hello) Inonano no vaovao? (What is new?) You learn so much in just the first day! You can definitely tell this is a place of God.
I met Landon (Smart) in the cafeteria today, hopefully he'll teach me how to teach later before he goes.
I love my companions! Yes, I have two companions! Elder Mauai'i, from Hawaii. Mauai'i sounds like Hawaii. And Elder Fryer. He used to live overseas, I think Russia but has lived here for quite some time. I love them both and I can't wait to learn some more.
Well, I don't want to tell you everything or you won't write me back with questions. :)
I love all of you and stop worrying about me!
Elder Walker

P.S. Don't make fun of me for writing Mr. & Mrs. Michael Walker. (He addressed the envelop that way.) It was just habit from all the thank you cards.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

He's Gone!!

It was a long morning finishing the last minute packing, buying luggage tags and just waiting for the time when we could leave. 

Brad mentioned it had been a long two months since he broke his collar bone, just waiting for this day.

Dad, Mom & Elder Walker

Dani, Melissa & Elder Walker

Stopped for lunch at Sizzler before going to the MTC
 Dropping him off at the Missionary Training Center (MTC).

Unloading at the curbside

Handing him over to the elders. Look how happy he looks!

We all cried a little but we did pretty well. Once we handed him off to the elders he didn't look back.

The elders were so friendly and thanked us for our missionary. Overall it was a good experience and a lot less painful than if we would have had to say a long goodbye.

We're so happy he's going and couldn't be prouder. He'll be great!