"Magicianary" - A missionary who does magic to bring joy and happiness as well as share the gospel with the people of Madagascar (According to Brad)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Dear Momma/Family,
Thank you for the blogs. I love hearing their stories.

I’m so jealous you got to hear President Monson speak! You’re going to have to tell me if he spoke about marriage! J

We didn’t get an apostle last Tuesday but Elder Rasband still gave a good talk. I don’t like my P-day being on Tuesday because then I have to wait a whole week to tell you about it.

That’s so awesome that everyone is graduating! It’s awesome that Karli [Blake – his cousin’s wife] has already graduated, it seemed so short. I’m sure it didn’t seem short for them though. Ha ha!

Did Jacob Yates recognize you guys right away or did he think you guys were weird, walking up to him with a huge smile on your face? [A former 5th grade student of mine graduated from SUU and I was there for my son-in-law’s graduation.] I like to imagine our family to be the overly happy/loud/fun/loving family in America, maybe even the world! And I love it!

I happened upon a talk on LDS.org that Joseph B. Wirthlin gave and the title was, “Come what may, and love it.” You should look it up.

Just got back from the temple. It was really amazing.

Another thing Brother O’Day showed from Elder Holland’s talk was that in order to teach powerfully, you need not be scared to ask for commitments, and you need to remember we have more power and authority than most of the world. We need to act like it, while still being respectful though. And also we need to have conviction in what you are teaching. In order to have conviction you need a testimony in that subject. How do you get a testimony? Study, then pray about it. Even if you’ve gotten an answer about it, ask again for reconfirmation.

Of course Nat would get one of the most prestigious awards! [She graduated from Dixie State College’s Dental Hygiene program with honors and received an award for “periodontal excellence”.] She’s a Walker/Loris J

Did Dad get a tan line from his sunglasses? I always loved it when he came back from golfing with that tan line!
[Melissa and Brian gave me a Mother’s Day card with a little girl on the front who had French fries sticking out of her nostrils. It read: Don’t worry. When people ask me where I get it from …I tell them I got it from Dad!] I laughed so hard just reading about the card! I hope my kids give me a card like that when I’m old, I mean 30…

There are 4 districts in our Zone but one is leaving tomorrow, but two Mongolian districts are coming in tomorrow. So it’ll still be 4. But then next week or the week after, 18 Malaysians are coming in!! 18 Elders going to Singapore is going to be too much of one language. Along with the 5 Indonesians, these two groups only have about 500 words that are different. So it’s going to be 5 Malagasy and 23 Malays/Indos! I hope I can handle it.

If everyone doesn’t see Mom’s emails, I’ll tell ya something. Mom told me that Ned (my car) looks lonely not being driven. So Dani, she is basically telling you to go drive it! Just take the keys and run! [Yeah right!]

Lots of Loves,
Elder Bradford Kent Walker

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