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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Late Posting 4/18/11

Dear Nat,

I wish I could to your letter as soon as I get it, but you only have so much "free time" which is actually called study time. Haha! I have met Sister Norton! She is in the class right next to me and is in the same district. We play volleyball together everyday, and we compete for who has the better serve! She wins of course because she has actually played volleyball before, but I'm still pretty good! I was a little confused when you used "PSYCH!" after you said you got accepted but don't worry, I'll teach you how to use it when I get back ;) <- this is a wink, trust me. (<- keep this letter so you remember to remind me.)
That's so cool about the staircase in the Temple! I know it would be irreverent but I would just want to run up those stairs as fast as I could! I totally know how you feel, trying to make sure you have everything before you move and it being so soon. Of course I had 6 months to prepare, but it sneaks up on you, "like a wildcat, it's comin' to get you!" What song is that from? Hint: They are like the fantastic four. But don't worry you will be totally fine in Minnesota.  If you can go to St. George by yourself you can do this. Just don't marry anyone within a year (or something) when you get there ;) (another wink) Just think, whenever you think you have it hard, I'll have it harder. Cuz I'll be with someone that doesn't speak English, half across the world, and then you be, "ok this is easy." You know I"m just kidding and that I love you. I just have to get all my teasing out cuz my companions are stupid and don't laugh at my jokes! I need my family to laugh with! (tear) I really do miss you and love you with all my strength. Mandra pihoana! (see you later) Mazotoa! (Be diligent)

your brother,
Elder Walker

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