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Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 26, 2011 to Momma

I do get your letters everyday. We check the mailbox a lot because Elder Wilson in my district always wants to check it.:) I'm good on stamps but I do need some envelopes. Could you give me Phil's address so I can write him?

The studying is going great! We just started the second lesson in Malagasy. It's pretty cool. I love the Plan of Salvation. My talk on it was good too. I shared D&C 14:7 (my favorite scripture) and said that we need to trust in the Lord to help us keep the commandments so God can give us the greatest gift of all which is eternal life. And, of course, had a little humor in it.

This letter might sound weird, but it's because I'm just answering your questions as I read through.:) Yes, I want you to forward my emails to everyone because I only write you. And you can take out or put in anything you feel is appropriate.

All the missionaries get to go to the temple on P-day and then just walk around the temple on Sundays. I went today, it was awesome. We also ate at the temple after because at the MTC cafeteria, all the employees are going home for summer so only one line is open, so it takes forever to get your food. I just get cereal first and then get the meal after the line is gone.

I've gotten all your letters so don't worry. And, by the way, if you send 19 more letters through MTCdelivery.com then I get a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, even though I already have enough candy!:)

I've also gotten letters from Aaron and Kate Berry, who I went to Prom with, and Trevor left me a letter the night before he left. I love getting letters and emails, even though it takes me about 3 hours to respond to everyone. It's still worth it.

I wish I could upload pictures and recordings onto the computer but you can't get on any other website besides LDS.org, Mormon.org and LDSmail.net. So you'll get some pictures in the mail in a couple days. And hopefully the computers in Madagascar are better.

Elder Scott shared D&C 8:2, but I think you should read the whole section, it's good. One of the quotes he shared was "we'll never be prompted by the Holy Ghost for something we cannot do." I wonder who tonight's speaker is going to be?

I can definitely feel your hug and kisses! I remember them well.:)

With all the love in the world,
Your Son

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