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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 21, 2011 to Melys-a

Dear Melys-a,

I'm glad you didn't give me a hard time for spelling your name wrong. I'll keep the tradition going. :) Ya, so I only have 5 people in my district. It is the smallest one I've seen besides my Zone leaders. They only have two. There was supposed to be 4 but 1 didn't show, and 1 left after the first day. They are going to Mongolia, they are pretty chill. I guess you could say they're my best-friends right now. Well besides, Olex of course! I don't know if I told you cuz I right a lot of letters and type emails but I saw Olex but we never get to talk for a long time. As you have probably already seen in my email I sent. I really do need to speed up my typing cuz it is really hard to send a full email or at least what I want to put in. So Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us. It was really cool. It was survival of the fittest to get the closest seat though! Some old people almost got knocked over! But everyone was o.k.

Sorry, I kinda got side-tracked. Everyone in my district is going to Madagascar. But as we were sitting in class one day, my teacher says that the Mission President, Pres. Donnely, wants every missionary to learn both Malagasy and French! So they are not restricted to one island or another. So if that happens, us missionaries will just have to learn while we are flying over to the other island. It would be cool and useful after my mission, ya know, cuz the ladies like da french. Haha! But I would still not want to. :) The last time I checked, I weighed 6 lbs. more than usual. I'll have to check tomorrow though. My district is not the most fun people to be around. Except one, Elder Shaw. He's not my companion, but our whole district usually stays together anyways. He actually does have 4 younger sisters. I lied in my email or letter I sent, I can't remember. Phil better be married by the time I get back! I know I said, "at least engaged", but I'm raising the bar. Because that's what missionaries do. We go to the Temple every week. Actually a temple walk on Sundays and then we actually do a session on Thursdays.

I love you and will continue to write!

Oh, and tell Mom to put my address on the blog if she hasn't already. Cuz G&G sent me an email asking about it.

Elder Bradford K. Walker

Will I ever be mature?
I hope not!

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