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Monday, July 30, 2012

Freezing cold!!! - July 30, 2012

[I told Brad that he was never acknowledging things I wrote about in my letters and so this is his smart aleck response!]
Well that is so cool that you got to visit with Rod and Janeen and with Heidi and Greg and watch the Olympics. Satisfied? Ok just kidding! My comp's full name is Daniel John McLaughlin and he is from Fife, Scotland. We did not live in the same house in Tamatave but knew each other for two months. Smith got Rasoloniaina in Toliara. You might know him, He's from Tana. Sorry if I'm extra sassy right now, Tana people are super rude.Sorry the young people are rude. I just need some time to get my tolerance level back up. But yeah I was in Toliara for six months. February to July.
Elder McLaughlin and Brad
1. What is your first impression of your new area/apt./companion/ward, etc?
It is really super cold! The whole time I wear my long sleeve sweater. It is huge and it is hard to teach someone every hour because it is so spread out. I don't like waiting for taxi bus'. It's a bummer at night when the bus' aren't out anymore so we have to walk home. But the people are cool so I'm happy. In the apt. is just Me and McLaughlin. It's kind of old but I like the shower and the kitchen sink. Those were the two things I didn't like about the last house. McLaughlin is a hard worker, awesome at the language and is good at joking around with the Malagasy. We work in Ampitataosy. Which is truly called Ampitatafika and Itaosy. But the areas got combined, so the missionaries call it that now. I went to the Ampitatafika branch, and Elder McLaughlin went to the Itaosy ward. Right now we are looking for a bigger building for Ampitatafika branch because they have hit capacity. Both have awesome members.

2. What is your companion's full name and where in Scotland is he from? Daniel John Mclaughlin from Fife, Scotland

3. Are there only 2 of you in your apt? Yes but used to have four so there is room

4. What should I call your area on your blog? Ampitataosy for now.

5. What/who will you miss the most from your last area? I'll miss Smith because he was such a cool companion. All of the members because they are the best people I have ever met. And bikes. 

6. Did you get our packages yet? I got the one with the SD card in it. Will you tell me what was in it so I know if they stole anything or not. It looked like they went through it but I'm not sure. 

Well I'm ready to work, and hopefully make this area better somehow. I don't know how to speak the official dialect anymore. When I'm talking I catch myself before speaking the wrong dialect then I miss the second word because I was only focusing on the first. So right now I am repeating myself a lot. It's weird speaking the words that I was just making fun of a week ago. But you have to change! No problem! 

Not much to report, I'll have more next week. 

Elder Walker

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