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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nothin's special - July 9, 2012

Well this week has gone by pretty fast. It seems like my mission seems to be speeding up as it goes along. Smith said something funny the other day. He said that his first six months have gone by so fast that he already pictured his mission being over. And he suddenly got this feeling of missing his mission, but he has only been out for six months! ha ha! I thought it was pretty funny! I am starting to really really come close with the people. I can just really connect with anyone here. I don't know what it is. I hope I can do that when I get back to America, because I really strive for it now.

So this week, Smith and I got a little too excited with our object lessons and decided to do one with string. So we didn't use the string you use for sewing but this stronger kind. We said that when there is only one or two strings around our wrists we can break it on our own. But when there are a few more strings it takes a little longer to break but still possible. And then we would wrap a lot and say that we needed help from Jesus Christ to cut the strings and then we would be free. But before we got to the last part, we wrapped a few strings around Smith's wrists and it turns out that the string was a little stronger than expected. He couldn't break it and it actually cut a little trying to break it! That object lesson was a one time try. Don't worry it was just a little cut. :)

So our schedule changed a little bit so we had to ride out to this less-active and try to fit him in between these two times. So Smith and I were just riding as fast as we could. We got there and it was a good time and such. And then we had to ride back as fast we could to try and fit in two more times before the day was over. We were just both pooped by the time we got to the house. As we were teaching I was fine but when Smith took over for a little bit I started dozing off! My energy was spent and I was just trying my hardest to stay awake. And then I saw the mom catch me dozing off a little. I looked at her and she looked at me, and we both just started laughing! Trying to keep it as silent as possible we attempted to be professional and pay attention to the lesson. It was a good lesson in the end. I talked to Elder Smith after about it and he said he was so paranoid that he said something wrong, he didn't know what was so funny.
Daniela and Danielita

Odette and Daniel
So in a time with a investigator that wasn't progressing, we were just going to say that we love them but if she doesn't put forth any effort we have to move on. And we continued to state our purpose as missionaries. We recommitted to show a new sign of effort. And she seemed very touched by the spirit. To end the lesson we sang "I Need Thee Every Hour" and she started to cry, that's what I call a good lesson. Then we had to go down the street to our next lesson with the same situation. We talked about Joseph Smith and how there was still a prophet today that receives revelation and guides the people here on earth. Then we committed them to follow the prophet's words and they all five, in unison, accepted anxiously. It was quite cool because I shared a scripture earlier in the lesson about Christ having no divisions, and being of one mind and judgement. 1Cor 1:10. So it was just funny that is what happened when they all answered the same at the same time.

Well I love serving. It is tough but rewarding. I will never regret serving a mission.

Elder Walker

PS: I already told Nat about this but I have come up with some baby names. They are pretty dang clever because they are all Malagasy words but look the same as American names. But I can't tell any of you because you will want to use them. So for right now, they are secret!
Banana cherry smoothies

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