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Monday, July 2, 2012

Jam packed week - July 1, 2012

Well a lot of stuff happened this week So I'm just going to try something different this email.

Monday: We played a pick game of basketball with some Malagasy punks. We barely beat them because they play everyday and we don't play at all. They also had a pretty tall guy on their team also but Smith put him in his place. Later that night, after teaching a recent convert she fed us octopus with the eyes, or should I say EYE. It was kind of crunchy and the outside or some part of it was like the outside shell of a popcorn kernel, very weird. It was the eve of their independence day also. So they set off a lot of fireworks on the beach (which we didn't get to see.) They partied a lot into the morning (which we heard while trying to sleep) It’s weird they party on the eve but the next day they just recuperate from partying so much. 

Tuesday: Well we were really sore from playing basketball the day before so riding a bike was pretty hard. But we managed. Like expected, no one was home because they were all just hangin around with their friends somewhere. But the good thing was is that we got fed three times in a row from investigators and members. We slept really well that night. 

Wednesday: So we were teaching a recent convert (practically every member is a recent convert here haha) and we used a balloon. We said it symbolized our testimony. But we poked a hole in it so it would slowly leak out. We told her that if we don't constantly blow up the balloon (build our testimony) then it will shrivel up and won’t do us any good. Then I accidently blew up the balloon too much and it popped. It was really load and it part of it hit my face and it really hurt. But it gave us a good laugh. During the day, we didn't have a chance to go to the bathroom so at the end of the day my bladder was about to explode. I felt really relieved after. It was like the time we went to Harry Potter five! Melissa probably remembers that :)

Thursday: We watched a movie 17 miracles with some members to tell them about the pioneers and such. But they only have subtitles in French not the sound. So apparently Malagasys need to read out loud in order to understand. Every single person was reading at their own pace and I could barely hear what was going on. They would also let everyone know when a miracle would happen. Pretty funny stuff. Turns out that I'm not the only crier in the companionship. Smith gets really emotional about pioneers stuff. He was gone by the first miracle. haha! 

Friday: This was the busiest day I have ever had during my mission. We had ten times planned and we got all ten times. Except the last four times were a little spread out. First we started out in the middle of the desert at a member’s house and we had to walk out before getting back on our bikes. After we got out we had to ride crazy fast to get to our next time and of course as always, the wind is going the opposite direction! When we turn the wind decides to turn also! I don't know if it’s Satan trying to discourage us or if it’s God just making us stronger. With ten times during the day we didn't really have time to sit down and have lunch. So we were pretty hungry by the end of the day. But it was all worth it in the end. 

Saturday: We were teaching some members and their little kid was being loud and disruptive. So finally the dad told her to go out and play but she didn't want to go out and play. So in revolt she went to the bucket of water they wash dishes with and started to scoop little handfuls of water out onto the ground. It was sprinkling at best and seeing her face while doing it was the funniest thing ever. I laugh every time I picture it. There was also this member that we found out that had 16 kids in her family! Only one set of parents. The parents were at 12 kids and decided to have one more but got a nice surprise of quadruplets! That must have been hard on the mom :) 

Sunday: Last week we had 9 investigators to church which was kind of low, this week we got 19 investigators to church. But they were mostly new! It was crazy! Having members bringing their friends, people only contacting on the street came. It was just awesome! I got up and bore my testimony about showing love towards others, and also the atonement. 2 Nephi 33:6. Really good scripture. After I sat down, a member sitting in front of me was gesturing her two boys 15 and 11 yrs. old to go up and bear their testimony. And of course they were too scared to do so. It was an exact replay of Mom and us. It just goes to show that no matter where you go in the world, everyone is the same. Seriously, it was a little creepy how similar it was! Haha!! Thanks Mom, I'll be sure to do that to my kids.

Well no special message this week, just my life as a missionary in Madagascar. I sure love it a lot! I hope you guys see that in my emails every week.

Love you all,
Elder Walker
A little too much baking soda!

Cute Malagasy girls

His new octopus mustache

Odile with buckets of fish

Fry sauce in Toliara!
Octopus or squid

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