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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty simple - July 16, 2012

So it sounds like you guys had a more eventful week than I did. I can't believe Nat didn't send me a picture! I was about to get mad at you but I guess you guys weren't there heehee. Well I better get a picture next week. [His sister, Natalie - in Minnesota, just had a baby girl.]

This week's email might be a little short. So as some investigators have stopped progressing we have been trying to switch them out with new awesome families. We try not to move on unless we have tried our hardest to make our message clear. We always give them a couple chances before leaving and always warn them if they don't do certain things, usually come to church or read the Book of Mormon, then we have to start teaching other people. It is always tough to leave someone. Especially if they have already received an answer to prayer.

On Sunday one of the people giving a talk didn't show up and the other thought that he was giving it next week. So as loyal missionaries, Smith and I stepped up and filled in both the slots. I first gave a talk on obedience and sort of connected it to love of obedience. And then Smith gave a talk on charity, hope and faith. We both did really well ha ha. Surprisingly, we only had a fraction of what we usually get to church. We couldn't fill in all the chairs even with every little kid having their own. It was a little pitiful, but really strange as well. But had a wonderful Sunday school lesson about eternal marriage. And I think it got a lot of people excited to go to the temple. Hopefully a temple comes soon to Madagascar so they can save up for just a year or so instead of their whole lives to make a trip. It would be a huge, huge blessing. I hope I can come back when it is dedicated. Also on Sunday we got fed a ton! We got fed at 12, 1:30, 5, 6:30 and 8. All full meals. I think I gained a couple pounds! My pants felt a little tighter.

As I have been serving in Madagascar for a little over a year, I have come to really, truly love the people. I think first it starts by respecting them. And that can grow into love. At least that is the way that I did it. I have been blessed to study the scriptures and other church resources to expand my knowledge of this wonderful gospel, to strengthen my testimony and to help others. I have seen the tiniest of blessings to the biggest of miracles. I have seen God's hand in all things and I know that His son died for us. I have had the joy to partake of this hard work to reap the really good blessings. I have come to know that our work really does change and bless. Little for little, big for big. It really does change people. I have learned a different language and a couple dialects. I might have gotten a little prideful in somethings :) but hopefully humble in most. I have met amazing people from around the world (not only from Madagascar) and have tried to learn from them. But the thing that I am most grateful for is my family. For teaching me and training me. For having patience with me and dealing with my bad jokes :) I have learned just a little bit while on my mission and hope that it doesn't stop when I go home.

I love you all and will talk to you next week!

Elder Walker
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