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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - Nov. 28, 2011

  Hey everyone (Mom)! That is crazy that Chris is home and has lost 30 lbs! [His cousin just came home from Paris, France.] I've already lost twenty pounds from the MTC, So now I'm back down to 135. I'm a tiny little guy but I don't think I'll go lower than that. With all joking aside my testimony actually might take a little bit longer [than Chris's at his homecoming on Sunday] if I do it in Malagasy because of the long words haha! Are there still a lot of people at the holiday parties at G&G's or is it kind of dwindling down a litlle? I remember when I was litlle and running around the pool table when playing tag with the cousins and then Grandma or Grandpa telling us to be careful or stop. I can't wait to do that when I get back.
   So Thanksgiving here was pretty good. There wasn't as much food as home because we didn't have a lot of money but it was still good. We decided to buy a live turkey. So we got it, killed it, plucked it, gutted it and cooked it. I'll only send the before and after pictures to save anyone who gets squimish. It looked great! But...since it's a turkey in Madagaascar, they don't get that big. There was barely any meat on it. But the meat that was on it was pretty dang good. We also had these mash potato packets that Goff left behind and then we bought some green beans and corn. And then had a soda pop of our choice. It wasn't much but it was still a blessing to me. So for our first time cooking a turkey with no knowledge whatsoever of how to do it, it turned out alright.

This last weekend I went up to Ankazobe with Elder Bates this time. There was this little girl getting baptized and Elder Bates got to do it. The people that were there was the Group leader, the only other Melchizedek priesthood holder and then 5 kids counting the one getting baptized. We walked down to the small river and Elder Bates and the little girl were already in the water before we even started with a prayer haha. So we said an opening prayer, Bates baptized her and then I said some stuff about baptism before the closing prayer. The spirit was so amazing there. It was just so simple, and quiet there. I liked something that Dani said in her email to me, "this gospel is simple, not easy". There are five steps in the gospel of Jesus Christ: Faith, repentance, baptism by water, baptism by faith, and enduring to the end. With those five simple steps we can receive eternal life. But it is not easy. But eternal life wouldn't sound so good if it was easy to get. But I know that if we do those five steps and continue to keep the commandments to the best of our ability, we can receive eternal life. We will not be tempted above that which we are able, given a burden that is too heavy.

Elder Bates baptizing in Ankazobe
Our questions to Brad:
Did your zone do anything special for Thanksgiving or was it just a regular day? It was just us four as a district.
Will you be able to Skype for Christmas? I am not sure, I'll ask today.
Who is Elder Wilson's companion? Elder Bates

I love you all and hope you remember to continually have faith and repent everyday.

Elder Walker

Has Andrew Jessee or Cody Adam turned in their mission papers yet? Anyone else in the ward?
Any news on the name of the baby?
Who loves me the most?

Brad with his mini-mission companion, Hermann - who has been called to Salt Lake City!

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