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Monday, November 14, 2011

Check LDS.org - Nov. 14, 2011

You said that you saw pictures of Elder Nelson talking to the people in Mada in that training meeting but did you know that there are tons of pictures and videos of when he was here on lds.org?! I know a ton of people that are on there! The connection between members here are so close. On one of the videos, there is an albino Malagasy, he is a past missionary that went home in September, his name is Nicholi and he is so funny. You should really check it out, it’s really cool.

We had 4 baptisms this last Saturday. And we already have four planned for the next baptism, they were just working during the baptism so they obviously couldn't get baptized, or they were never home to be interviewed before the baptism. The place that we are mostly working in is called Ambohidratrimo, the place is exploding because missionaries have barely worked there. We are working really hard to get a group started there because it is so far away from the church, you have to take two separate buses just to get close to the church and then walk after that.

Transfers are tonight. I'm really nervous because everyone is saying that I will go senior comp, if that happens I'm scared the people won’t be as accepting because I can't answer their questions as well and just all in all not good at Malagasy. I guess I'll just bring a member with me a lot then. Whatever happens, I know it is for the better. President Donnelly is an inspired man and knows what I need, my new comp needs and the people in the area need. Goff is going home on Thursday so he has been excited for that for the past month. Him talking about home keeps reminding me of stuff from home. That's why I really need a new companion quick haha!

I love serving the people here. Some people here are really racist and mean, but it doesn't matter whenever you see someone accept the gospel and be baptized. It is really hard serving a mission, being away from home but how can you grow if you don't do anything that’s hard. I love feeling the spirit, receiving revelation for my investigators, and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most people here know that this is the true church, they just don't know that it exists. The people here are constantly searching for what they feel is right and when we come to them they are super accepting cuz they feel the power of the Holy Ghost. I know this church is true and that will never change.

Elder Walker

Did you ever figure out what town in Idaho Elder Goff is from? Malta, Idaho. And Evans is from Bristol, England. So you can change it from "Great Britain?" haha
How often do you go to the mission home? Every Monday for Pday, sometimes other days if we really need something before then. It takes like an hour and a half to get there by bus.
How do you get around? By "taxi be" which is just a bus. Are you doing a lot of walking? Yeah, we walk a lot, it’s hard to keep up with Goff and his long legs :)
We were wondering if you have to sleep with netting? We don't have to cuz there are barely any bugs in the house but we have them. I'm assuming you still take pills or whatever for Malaria every day, right? Yep, turns out that it helps with acne, so that’s a plus. But it doesn't let you get tan somehow, that’s why I'm still white as ever.
At a soirèe, eating a some bread recipes from Diego (a town on the north side of the island).

Just a little part of the Ambohidratrimo valley

Her name is Fanja and is an old convert. She is nice and feeds us a lot.

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