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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rivers - Nov. 6, 2011

I miss having family dinners with all you guys! I would say that that is the thing that I miss the most while out here, or American fast food restaurants, I don't know yet. ;) I can't believe that Chris is going to be done with his mission in 15 days! I still remember his farewell, that was quick! That's hilarious about Uncle Merrill wearing two different shoes to the temple! I had a good laugh too when I read that. I can totally picture me doing that when I'm older.

This week went by super fast! Not so many things exciting happened this week but is was still amazing as ever. That's the thing about a mission, it's tough and hard every day, but you never regret any moment spent helping other people.

Sundays are hectic in this ward! They get things done, they are having meetings about doing less-active work, parties, members helping missionaries, getting a group started out in Ambohidratrimo. I swear they could get just as many baptisms if there weren't any missionaries if they really wanted to. And it's extra crazy because everyone wants to talk to Elder Goff and set up soirée’s with us because he is leaving in a week. Hopefully it slows down a bit, if not I guess I better just get used to it.

We have this one investigator family that is super awesome! Only the father comes to church every Sunday but they all are excited to learn when we come over. The father, Harivelo, always has amazing questions we usually don't have anything planned to teach him because he always has questions. And his questions go along with the things he needs to learn anyways, so that’s even better. His daughter is way diligent in learning too. We gave her a couple different chapters to read in the Book of Mormon and some stuff in Gospel Principles book and the next day she read all of it. She is super interested and loves to learn about the gospel. The Holy Ghost is an amazing feeling. It really is the true teacher. The power of the Holy Ghost is so strong. I can't even express how strong of an influence it is. I love it so much, and so grateful to have the opportunity to have it all the time.

We have another group of people that learn from us. They are all grown up but live in different houses right next to each other. At first we were just teaching one sister, then her other sister joined in, then the brother. And now we teach them, their mom, and two friends they brought from the last church they went to. I love doing missionary work when that happens.

We had a soirée with one of the stake patriarchs. It was really fun just to talk and have fun with his family. During the soirée, it started to rain. When we left, we were walking up this hill and all the water accumulated on the one path that we needed to walk up. So we were walking up this hill ankle deep in water. I love Madagascar

Not a lot happened this week. Transfer news is next Monday, Goff is going home a week from Thursday but leaving Tuesday to do something with President Donnelly. This area has a chance to explode with baptisms, I just need to work really hard, and that's exactly what I plan to do. I hope I get a senior companion to help with the language, if not, I predict my language skills are going to sky rocket... hopefully.

You guys are an awesome example to me. Please keep emailing me even if I don't respond always, I love hearing about your life and reading your personality in your email. (Dani, Phil, especially Nat) Don't forget to pray every day, a couple times.

Elder Walker
My best friend in the ward so far. He has a pretty cool rat tail, I might grow one out after the mission...

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