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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lord Always Helps - Dec. 5, 2011

Hey Momma!

Thanksgiving sounded really fun over there. By the way I wish Melissa would have caught on to that 1st lunch 2nd lunch thing before I left. We could have eaten together. I don't remember putting my name on the ceiling of G&G's house but definitely sounds like something I might do. No I want move to Ankazobe, no one will anytime soon; no grocery stores just little epiceries, no internet place to email your family and missionaries could contact every person and every house within three months. It's a super small town, you can literally walk around the town in 10 min. I love Cody [Adam], he is going to be an awesome missionary. And Spencer [Headman], stop flirting with the girls! :) That is so awesome that Bill is engaged! Rebecca seemed really cool the couple times I met her.

So this week has been just a little slow on the teaching side of things. But it’s because Hermann wanted to do some tracting around our neighborhood where all the rich people live, to get ready for the people in America. It is a good idea, but Malagasys and Americans are still super different, no matter how rich they are. But we still got 7 new investigators out of it so that's just amazing. Part of it goes to Hermann being Malagasy, people seem to be more accepting to other Malagasys than white people. While we were tracting around we went walking up to this one gate and this woman with two buckets of water came out. When she saw us she got the widest eyes and tried to run but waddled away while carrying her two buckets without us seeing her! Me and Hermann just stood there for a second just kind of stunned, just thinking if we should still go up to the gate But shortly after, what looked like her sister came out and started talking to us. The original sister came out again and listened in to the conversation. She said she is just really shy and got scared when she saw two people in matching shirts, smiling and walking towards her. Totally understandable.

Just a little side note, our power was out for 20 hours during most of Thursday and half of Friday. It was really frustrating because we couldn't shower, no one cleaned their dishes before it went out so we couldn't make any food and it was way super hot during the night without any fans on. Our power goes off for a couple hours sometime every week but this was just ridiculous! As Malagasy's would say "mandrereka be izy!" It's very tiring. Is that how you spell it?

This weekend Hermann and Bates went up to Ankozobe and me and Wilson stayed to hold down the fort. While they were up there, they got 13 new investigators, lots of people up there are just so ready to learn of this beautiful gospel. And while they were there I went to church with another member as my companion for the day. I was worried I was just going to feel lost because I wouldn't be able to understand anything and no one that understood English but it was exactly the opposite. The first couple people that came up to me to ask me some questions I could understand everything. And the next couple people I could understand too. Then I started to just talk to some members and I was just amazed by how much Malagasy I knew. It gave me real confidence and now I think that I can answer anyone’s question. It was fast and testimony meeting this week and it was just amazing of course. Why wouldn't I write about it if it wasn't amazing in my eyes. So as usual you have the person conducting the meeting that starts off the testimonies and before he was done with his testimony there were already 5 people sitting on the stand waiting to share what they know. This made me wonder how much love they have, to share the gospel with others. Do you have a great love to share what you believe, what you know? If you are scared and feel like you can't talk to people about the gospel, just read stories in The Book of Mormon about the missionaries who went out and preached to cities. The Lord will help you in sharing his gospel, the truth.

After sacrament meeting I had to leave because I don't know if I told you but I am district leader now, and I had to go do interviews for baptism. I wasn't too worried because they said that it would be just one girl that knew English almost perfectly. But when I got there they said they had 5 people for me to interview. I was kind of freaking out because I did not plan to ask if they have committed a crime or had an abortion in Malagasy. But another missionary, Elder Lunt, helped me out and wrote down a little cheat sheet for me. I ended up interviewing 3 little girls, an older lady, and the original English one. They all knew there stuff and passed. I asked if the one that knew English if she wanted to do the interview in Malagasy or English and she said English. Honestly, it was really weird! I would use Malagasy words in the middle of speaking. It was funny because she would do it too, with the Word of Wisdom she named off the things in Malagasy instead of English. And I'm glad she did because I did not remember some of the names in English. All in all this week was a good confidence builder.

Just remember everyone, to have confidence in sharing this gospel to others. The Lord will help you. Just remember to speak the truth.
I love you all,
Elder Walker

When are your next transfers? December 12th, and we'll see who my new companion is!
Tell us about calling on Christmas. We only have Sacrament Meeting that day and it is at 10:30 a.m. (we're 10 hours behind you).I don't know how you want to do it but they said you call us. so I'll just give you my number now and we will keep working it out. I could call you before or after so you can see which one is better for you guys. I have church form 9 till 12. I don't know if we are just doing sacrament meeting or not.
Did you get our Christmas package yet? I was tracking it and it says it made it to Antananarivo so I'm waiting to hear. I'm sending you another small package tomorrow - not necessarily for Christmas. It could be in the office today I just need to go there. I'll let you know.
Are you taking your vitamins? I could do a little bit better but I still am sometimes.

 I decided to send a picture I got of a lightning bolt! Don't ask me how many pictures I took before that.

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