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Monday, November 21, 2011

Forgotten? - Nov. 21, 2011

I got a little sad when I didn't see an email from you. Luckily I was still on the computer when I got your email.

So this week Goff my old companion went home to Malta, Idaho. He was a great missionary. 
Elder Goff and Brad - a member gave them those shirts cuz he thought they were cold.
Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I had a mini missionary. On Thursday, I got my new companion! He is actually a Malagasy from Antsirabe, and technically not even a missionary. He is just doing a mini mission for a month before his actual mission in SALT LAKE, UTAH!!! He wanted to get better at his English before doing an interview with the U.S. Embassy. He is already way good at English though cuz he has been helping the missionaries for two years now. His name is Justino Hermann Raharizoandrinirina but he just goes by Hermann. I laugh every time I think about people trying to pronounce his last name haha! He is way awesome and already pro at being a missionary. Too bad he is my companion for just one month. Next transfers he is going to go back home and I'll get a new companion. So now we know I'll stay in this area for at least two more months. Everyone thinks I'm gonna train in December, because whenever someone has a mini for a month it usually means you are training. But so many people think that, President Donnelly may throw a curve ball and give me an older missionary instead. I'm fine with both... It's still tough to understand when they talk super fast or when their questions are super long but I guess that's what I'll get good at if I train.

On Saturday Me and Elder Wilson went to a place called Ankazobe. It is this way far out place, it takes about three hours to get there. And the buses are crammed with four people to a row, so that was a fun three hour ride. 
The crowded bus to Ankazobe
So we went up Saturday and taught some times and then went walking around to go find the nearest houses to teach. Then slept in a hotel and went to church the next day. I'll give you some quick stats: They are a group, they use 1 room of a building for church, 24 people at church, 8 adults, 4 priesthood holders, the chorister is 12, they use a stereo to play the hymns, the 1 deacon they have is crippled so it's hard for him to walk, and they are the most amazing people I have ever met in the world. It humbled me so much when I walked in to the chapel. They are out in the middle of nowhere so the houses are so spread out. Some members have to wait for awhile for the bus to fill up to go to and from church. I can't really explain how amazing they are. Then we got back into Tana around 6 o'clock.

I do check my friends' blogs to see any cool pictures but I don't usually have time to read them. I did send Ryan [Wells] a DearElder, I think it's approved, I got a DearElder from TJ [Hartman] that way. I'll ask President Donnelly about the picasa thing, I'm sure it will be ok though, since it's from family. I hope Alex and Jean are ok. I'll be sure to pray for them.   If you could send some deodorant, that would be nice. They don't have any anti-perspirant here. And by the way, the last package was perfectly fine, no damage, nothing opened or missing and nothing melted.

Love you all and urge you to study the scriptures tonight. Don't just read them but look up the footnotes, ponder a little, anything. I know it will help you somehow. The scriptures and this gospel are super amazing!

Elder Walker
 Madagascar Ambanivohitra (wilderness)

Classic Malagasy life - Sitting by his house, with his cow, watchin' over his rice field.

The group leader's bull - he was nice.

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Love his letters and his pictures! What a great kid!