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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tamatave - June 13, 2011

Following are questions I asked Brad at the end of my email to him. He answered SOME of them. Not bad.

1.  What is Elder Evans full name, where is he from and how long has
he been out? (I'm going to list your companions on the blog.)
2.  Tell us about your apt. and city.
3.  What did you have for breakfast this morning or dinner last night?
4.  How's the language?
5.  How long do you get on the computer on P-day?

Hey Family! I'm sorry if my typing is a little off, the keyboards here are different! It  was tough getting rid of jet-lag but it's all good now :) Thats right, my companion is Elder Evans, he's British and he is awesome. He has been out for, I think, a year and 7 months. We slept in the AP's apt. for the first two nights. It's tiny! But the apt. that I am in now is huge! The city that I am in is called Toamasina, but a lot of people call it Tamatave, which is what I'll more likely say, but just in case it slips out, you'll know. I've had normal food so far. But then again, I haven't eaten at a member's or investigator's house yet :) A lot of their stuff is in Enlgish in the stores and stuff. The language is coming along, surely but slowly.
    The Malagasy people are really patient, they are usually never in a hurry. I have definitely developed patience over the last week. The bus ride to Tamatave was actually 9 hours! That took a lot of patience! And it's not like the big buses you take for long trips; it has two seats on one side, an aisle and then another seat on the other. And since Elder Wilson also came with me and is a big dude, he took up a lot of space. I think he was getting a little annoyed because the seats are made for short Malagasy people.
    Tamatave and the people here are amazing! The members are so fun! My nickname here is either Elder Pandeha-tongatra (which means walker in Malagasy) or Elder Cyclist. Because we always ride bikes here. I love it here, and I'm sorry, but if I could explain everything I see every day, you would be jealous!! Anyways, work hard everyone, and be diligent. Veloma!

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Elder Bug's Family said...

That is a fun place to be, my son really enjoyed it there. great letter home!!!