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Monday, June 20, 2011

Life here is amazing - June 20, 2011

My companion's full name is Simon A. Evans. I'm not going to ask what the "A" means, so deal with it :) The language is coming slowly but surely. I can almost say anything I want, it just sounds very simple. I can stay on the computer as long as I want, I just need to pay for it.

Now for a good story... I can't think of a REALLY good one. I'll tell you some things you might see regularly if you ever come to Mada.

1. geckos in your apartment.
2. huge spiders in the trees
3. little kids yelling "bonjour vazaha" (vazaha means foreigner or white person) because they think you are french
4. the ocean (if you are by the ocean, which I am...)
5. and amazing people
That's pretty much all of Mada right there for you. haha

   So it's the dry season right now, and it just rained like nothing I've ever seen the past two days! No offense to Mr. Mac but their rain coats cannot handle Madagascar rains. I was soaked by the time of our first appoinment. Luckily it was still warm so I wasn't freezing. But being completely wet isn't fun either. :)
   So I just had my first baptism ever! It was way cool. It was in the ocean, her name was Zoma Joseotte. I didn't know her very well but it was still awesome. We had 30 baptisms all together combined as a zone on
Saturday. Me and Elder Evans have another three next Saturday. I love it here. I'm trying to send a picture but the internet is really slow and everything is in French.

   Well everything is great here, me and Elder Evans are working hard just for you.

One of the spiders we found in the tree right outside our apartment. Don't worry it doesn't bite, I promise.

The beach we played soccer, frisbee, and football on.

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