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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rain rain goes all day!! - Oct. 29, 2012

Sorry for no email last week. I guess it just didn't send through. But that means that you get TWO emails this week! Woohoo! Lucky you! 

So on Monday Elder Austin and Elder McLaughlin played soccer with a bunch of other missionaries and then me and Elder Galbreath went to the office to take care of some other stuff. The next day, Elder Austin and McLaughlin were two red lobsters! That were also super sore. Elder Austins forehead started to blister; it was so sunburned! So me and Elder McLaughlin went half the day in our area because he needed to show me someones house and then I went half the day with Elder Galbreath in their area. It was so fun to see the investigators and people I knew in Itoasy. Also, I got to go to a dinner appointment and then the members that were their gave us a ride home. Super sweet.

Wednesday marked the beginning of the rainy season. And man, did it get a running start! The first half of the day was sunshiny goodness. We taught some times close to the house and then we had to take a little five min bus ride to our next area. While on the bus it started to drizzle, and then rain, and then pour! I was rushing to put everything in the plastic bags that I brought. I was trying to get all of it into bags before our stop because everyone gets a little grumpy if they have to wait at a stop longer than they need to. So we get to our stop and it is just like a huge bucket of water being poured that has no end. I'd say that it was one of the biggest rain storms I've been in. We were kind of in a country side part where there were no buildings, just rice patties. So it was prime wind blowing location. The rain felt like hail with the wind giving it more speed. It was funny because we get out of the bus and Elder Austin doesn't have everything protected in his bag, so me and him crouch behind this little stack of bricks for protection from the rain and I give him some bags for his scriptures, etc. We get to the persons house and they are just surprised as can be that we came to their house in a rain storm that bad. That's what I love about this place. The people that have lived here their entire lives, just do not like the rain at all. Everything shuts down if its raining. But its the perfect time to catch people inside their house. Haha! 

On Saturday our branch president had a birthday party! So we went to that and had some delicious food and talked to some of their family. It was super fun. Its pretty much the same as an American birthday party except when they introduce the gifts, the person giving it goes up, says a little something and then gives the three cheek kiss with the present. It could get a little long if there was a ton of presents. 

On Sunday, we did absolutely nothing! Elder Austin was sick, so we had to stay inside all day. But good news is, is that I did all my laundry, wrote some letters cleaned the kitchen and made two different kinds of rice (he meant popcorn maybe?). I couldn't find brown sugar here so I decided to use the corn syrup I had and just pour it on. It worked out pretty well. And then the other kind was just normal salt and butter. It was really cool switching off bite after bite. Also there was another huge rain storm. And I took some pretty cool videos of lightening. 

So that was our week here in Mada. How was yours? Love you all!

2 lbs. meat - $3.50

vegetables - 75 cents

sweet/salty popcorn

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