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Monday, October 22, 2012

Let us all press on - October 22, 2012

Well like you Mom, am kind of shooken up from change, but we must all press on and trust in the Lord. For he knows what is the best. It looks like I have a huge responsibility put upon my shoulders now with being the only missionary in our ward now. I'll fulfill it well! 

So this weekend we had General Conference! Back when it happened in the beginning of October I was probably the most excited I have ever been in my whole life for General Conference. You could say that I was almost too happy. So on Saturday all the Tana missionaries went to the office and watched it in English. Except I was so confused because Pres. Adams started with Priesthood and I was almost about to question him when I decided that he probably knew what he was doing. And it turned out to be my favorite talk of conference. D. Todd Christoferson. Look it up! I took so many notes on conference. The most I have ever taken before. I was getting spiritually overwhelmed with the spirit. On Sunday morning we actually had a baptism! Woohoo! We snuck it in right before the morning session. Three people got baptized. It is one brother and two sisters. And they are in their thirty forties age. They are going to be really good members. Elder Austin baptized all three. I could tell he was a little nervous because when you walk out to the baptismal font (which is not inside the church) you usually just wait for the person conducting to call the baptizee's name and then the person baptizing them but Elder Austin and one of the people getting baptized had already gotten into the font before anyone else got outside. But he did well, he didn't mess up on the prayers or putting them in the water. After we just went straight into general conference in Malagasy. To be honest, I could understand a lot but Malagasy is just not clear. And the translator doesn't get everything. In one of Pres. Eying's talks we literally listened to a whole story before the translator started again, to just talk about the doctrine after it. Also American humor is different than Malagasy humor so no one laughs. But its ok because we watched it later that night in English at our house. After the morning session we all went again to the office and watched the last session in English. It was all so good! That was probably my last conference here in the mission because I might leave before or if I don't it won't be translated before I go home. Well It was a good one. Just like the others haha! 

Transfers were last night and nothing happened in our house, like was suspected, and we might actually be getting two more people in our house! One of the areas are going down to two missionaries. The two missionaries that left that area are opening up another area in Tamatave I think. And the other is moving into our house!!! And he is training! And it is Elder Hansen! So he is doing what is called white- washing. Which is going into a new area with two new missionaries. And he is training so we'll get another new Elder. It sounds really exciting! But our house is already full, like their is now room for them to sleep of study, literally! So we'll see if it is really going to happen. You don't hear any complaints from me. Oh and also Elder Fryer who has been my comp two separate times is going to my birth area in Tamatave, Ankirihiry, after being Zone leader for six months. He really wanted to go to the coast so he got his wish. I know he will love it just as I did. 

The area is going good with a lot of good member help. We actually have filled up our schedule all the way from it being half full two months ago. It probably could have filled up faster if I was better at planning but I tried my best and now its filled up anyway. I went on exchanges with my district leader Elder Waters. He came into my area with Elder Austin and I went into his area with Elder Rasoanaivo (he's Malagasy :) if you couldn't tell) His area happens to be the one with the tallest hill/mountain in it. We started at the Rova (the kings palace back when there were kings here) (look it up on google)and just walked down and sometimes walked up the hill/mountain.  And my calves were sore the next day. Definitely not used to walking up and down steep stairs all day. You know, Malagasies for being extra short, they have extra big stairs! 

So that was the exciting part of my week. I hope you got excited reading it. Love you all and talk to you next week. 

I will also try and get pictures up, sorry I know I have been slacking. 


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