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Friday, June 1, 2012

Another baptism - May 28, 2012

Yes, we did have a another baptism. It was only two. It was a couple that have six children. Sadly none of the children got baptized because they are fisherman. Which means they are kind of the laid back people that always swim and just hang out with their friends. But at the baptism some of their family came and then came to church the next day after that. Hopefully they continue to come closer to Christ.
But with the baptism, we bought a new hose because the one we had was super small and was a hassle to hook it up to the faucet and also could not handle the water pressure. We bought one and was actually almost too small to reach to the font, but luckily it was perfect length. We turned it on Friday morning and would usually leave it on for the whole day and just come back to turn it off at the end. But with this hose it was a lot faster so we decided to come back after two hours and when we got there it was already overflowing! And since the font that we have is already semi broken we used the duct tape that you guys sent me to reinforce the sides. If we didn't use it, it would've broken and we wouldn't of had a baptism. It must of been inspiration or something to send that. That is actually really useful so in the next package could you send another one.
This week was pretty slow, nothing really happened. We need to do some serious finding to fill up our schedule. Because we are baptizing some long time investigators, we are starting to switch out some people. 

Well I love studying the scriptures. Right now I am reading the New Testament. But am reading the "four gospels" in order according to the harmony of the gospels in the Topical guide. It is really cool to see the different perspectives and changing of words. I advise you to try it out on just a little bit of the New Testament. 

Well I think that is my short email today. Sorry there is nothing too exciting, hopefully next week's email will be jam packed full of good stuff!

I love all of you and hope that you build your faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Elder Walker

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