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Monday, June 18, 2012

Doesn't it get old? - June 18, 2012

Doesn't listening to me ramble on get a little old? I sometimes get sick of hearing myself talk.

Well not much to report other than that I love my mission. Things just seem to go your way. It is crazy how much more power you have in your teaching when you try to be more obedient. God immediately blesses you to know that you are doing the right thing. I love it!

One Saturday, we were teaching a family where the father is actually the one who is the most receptive. It is a little weird because it is usually the other way around. Anyway, the father went off into the countryside to go farm the family's rice and so we were just teaching the Mom who is I think the third or fourth generation of Lutheran in her family, the daughter who follows her mom and is skeptical about our church and then the brother who just plays basketball. The daughter, Hilda, expressed that she has been praying about the Book of Mormon but hasn't gotten an answer and it ended up that she actually hasn't been reading it as much as she should have. She also talked about her trials in life and that she sometimes gets really sad. We told her simply and powerfully that God knows every one of his children. He is ready to give anything to us. But first we need to keep his commandments and do the other things necessary to receive the blessings. Also that God doesn't immediately help us whenever we get sad or hurt but he helps us learn by waiting. We need to learn that we need to trust in Him and ask Him and thank Him. At some point during the lesson, Hilda started to tear up a little bit and Me and Elder Smith decided that we just made a big step with her. It was a really moving lesson. Next we are going to work on the Mom. She seems to like the fact that she is keeping the Lutheran line in her family more than the actually salvation aspect of it all.
I can't wait to teach them again tonight. I really hope that it is just as impactful.

I really love the scripture Mosiah 2: 20. (I hope that's right...) Basically that whole chapter talks about being thankful and always being indebted to God for the blessings he gives us. I just hope that all of us can be humble servants in the site of God. I am so grateful for my family and the things they have taught me. I am so grateful for the infinite blessings we get here during this mortal life. It is hard to understand fully the love of God. And I am glad that I have a good little while to get to know him before I can see him again.

I love all of you and hope this email edifies you in some way. Just remember that thanking God never gets too old.

Elder Walker

1. You haven't had any trouble with your packages being opened, right? Do you ever have to pay to pick up a package? From my recollection, I don't think any of the packages have been opened. The mission home picks up the package but then we have to pay the mission home whatever they had to pay the post office if we want to get the package. Since missionaries were being bad about paying they just take it out of the missionaries fund of that month they got the package.
2. Transfers are when next? Thanks for asking i almost forgot. Transfers were last night. Me and Smith are still staying in Toliara. That means that Toliara will be my longest area at five months and Smith as my longest comp at three months. Its a good thing that I'm staying because I didn't feel "done" here. Also I love the people here. The members are awesome!

Bags of rice

Elder Smith and Brad

Rice soup and meat

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