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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy French Mother's Day! - June 4, 2012

Hello everyone!!! This week was amazing. Tena mahafinaritra! (I just wanted to be cool like everyone else and speak a language that none of you will understand.) This past week we have been throwing out baptismal dates left and right. We decided that we weren't following Preach My Gospel fully and so now we have started to give people a bap date in the first or second lesson. It is amazing how the spirit works on people when you are bold and try to bring them closer to Christ. 

So I'm basically going to talk about the last two days of the week. On Saturday, we started our fast and to be adventurous me and Smith decided to try something new for our last meal. We ordered this Misao special. And the regular misao is just noodles with meat and carrots and other vegetables. But the Special is all of that plus shrimp a special sauce, an egg on top and to just make it the best thing ever, OCTOPUS! Unlike the octopus Mom and Dad had on their mission, this was cooked. And actually not that bad. it kind of tasted like shrimp but that might have been from being cooked with it. Other than that it wasn't that chewy and kind of tasteless. It was kind of weird when you eat a tentacle with the suckers on it. Spiders are still creepier. Altogether it was delicious. 

On Sunday we had a pretty good testimony meeting. So I have talked about this person before. He is someone who is really passionate about the gospel sometimes. He got baptized on the 26th of June [does he mean May?] and when he came out of the water he said "I am resurrected". It was pretty funny but kind of killed the mood because his wife was after him. And then when he bore his testimony he ended by saying "amen, amen, amen forever!" After he had received the Holy Ghost we have seen him calm down a lot. I mean a lot! It has been like a whole different person. It seriously amazes me every time I talk with him. But on Sunday the Holy Ghost just got him too energized and he literally started to pound the pulpit with his Book of Mormon at the end of his testimony. We're still working with him :) 

110 year old Bible

After the meeting we taught a investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday. She told us about when she prayed and asked God when people were going to come to her house and bring the gospel. That was ten years ago. And she took us missionaries as her answer to prayer. It was so cool to see her faith in God. She also showed us a Bible that came from her Grandpa. He received it from the first missionaries that came to Madagascar. She said that it was 110 years old. I definitely believed her especially when dust spurted out when we closed it. It was exactly like Harry Potter style. Then we went to a members house and they offered us food. We had noodles with shrimp and then rice with shrimp and tomatoes. It was quite filling. Halfway through we got a text from some investigators that they needed to move the time from 5 to 2 o' clock. So right after eating with our members we went over to our investigators who were also going to feed us. There we had rice with chicken, steak and pasta. And for dessert we had pineapple and flan. It was so delicious! This has been the first time where I have wanted to eat so super bad but couldn't fit any more in! I was so frustrated that I couldn't eat more. As the famous Aaron Lloyd would say I was "Stupid full!" So that was super nice from them especially because they are only investigators. 

After that we went over to these new people that we have only set up a time with. It is this couple that has been married for so long and have had five kids. The mom has gone to church all her life but the husband hasn't been to church since he was a little kid. We taught a simple First lesson and at the end I committed them to be baptized when they come to know that this church is true. The mom hesitated but they both accepted. After the dad said that he believes in the Apostasy and that he is going to follow us and that he trusts us. It was so cool! I love it when people say stuff like that. 

Then we went to a less active time. They were baptized in Tana in 1984. The father has already received the Melchizedek priesthood but after that moved to Toliara where there was no church. So obviously the father and one daughter went less active kind of by force. Now in September the missionaries started to teach them again to try to bring them back to church. It was hard because he used the excuse of him being in the military as why he doesn't have time for church. The daughter has come back to church and has no problem, just the father was a little hesitant. But when Pres. Donnelly came here, that was the first Sunday in 20 years that this father has come to church. It was a miracle to say the least! A huge step for this man. But sadly that was the only Sunday he came. Then today we got to their house. I knocked on their gate and yelled "Oh dee-oh!" (Which is normal by the way, you normally don't knock) I looked inside and saw that he had a cigarette in his mouth, and suddenly my heart sank. Turns out that there is a conflict between him and his daughter and he also had already drunken some beer too. I felt so sad for them and started to tear up a little bit just trying to plead with them to just drop whatever got in-between them. We can't judge others. I think Elder Holland's talk mixed with Elder Uchtdorf's talk is basically what I was thinking of and trying to express to them. At the end I just told them to pray together as much as possible. It ended well because after the lesson they offered us mofo balls (kind of like scones) and soda. 
Malagasy Book of Mormon - 1985ish
 The next time we taught these investigators about the work and responsibilities of the prophet and the apostles. And at the end of that time they fed us this delicious bread/cake. We were really fed well that day. It was Mother's Day on Sunday for the French and whoever has French influence (Madagascar). But apparently it ended up also being feed a missionary day!! Woohoo! I love it when that happens! 

I love this church and the miracles that happen every single day. Sometimes more than you can handle or would ever believe COULD happen in one day. With God, anything is possible. Believe it.
Elder Walker

PS: I hope this email made up for the last short email.

The new hymn books

We cooked a chicken from a member.

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