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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Same old family - May 14, 2012

Well it seems like we are just the same old family. As for Phil, I will remain mad at you for approximately four and a half days. I guess once you get a promotion and such, the power just goes to your head. I guess I still have to love you because you're my older brother.

This week was good. Me and Elder Smith taught a lot. I read other peoples blogs saying that they tract all day, and I am not bragging but grateful that I only have to do that every once in a while. Its just not what I like to do. What I hate the most is deciding who to go to when an appointment falls through and you pick one, you go to their house and they are gone and then you go to the other and they are gone too! As for baptisms, we have three planned for this coming Saturday, and then three more the next Saturday and then two more the next. Elder Smith and I are going to get some good practice with giving the gift of the holy ghost to people. Like I told you guys over Skype, it is a real privilege to work with the future leaders of the church. Because that is exactly who they are going to end up being. the Lord and guided us to the right people at this time to become leaders later one. I see it every once in a while in their faces when teaching. I see Branch presidents, Young Men's presidents, Relief Society presidents. It is such a blessing to be here at this time. I sometimes think that it is not fair that I can't give back to Heavenly Father as much as he gives me. I am grateful to my heavenly father every single day for the family I have, the opportunity to serve and the many many blessings I have already received.

I'll send a good email next week. My bottom really hurt because I have been sitting on this chair for a long time already. I love you guys. Thank Heavenly Father for everything. Ask him for everything that you need, and you would be surprised of what you get. A miracle can happen everyday, I promise.

Elder Walker
Mendrika and me

My best friend and his mother

Tour de Toliara

We're off!

Rest period

First place!
Sunset over "salt lakes"

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