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Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby and the rain! - March 26, 2012

Woohoo! Man he is a big boy! Was Melissa just amazed that she lived through that?! Haha! It probably came from Brian's side of the family.

Well enough of this baby talk, let's move back to me. I had a pretty good week. Fryer and I have become the one-two punch of Toliara. We have become one. I love working with him. It's going to be hard with the next person that comes here. Its just so fun with Fryer and we get along so well. 

Not much to say other than we teach a lot. We always ride up next to people on our bikes and say "Hi! Where are you going? We would like to teach you about the truth. Would you like to learn from us? When are you free?" And we have a new investigator just like that! Finding is really easy here but getting the strong people in the church is the hard part. We don't want to baptize someone and then have them go inactive after a month. We usually have our investigators teach us back the lessons if they truly want to be baptized. You would be surprised to see the true desire in people's hearts, especially when they teach the lesson almost perfectly. We are already getting member missionaries before they are even baptized! Its awesome! We have some really close investigators that are about to be baptized soon. I hope they stay strong. 

This week we had a huge rainstorm! It looked like waterfalls coming off the roofs of the houses.

People were actually taking showers under them. In the more center part of the city the water came up to our knees. We were riding through the deep water and we tried to go up onto the curb where it wasn't as deep. But the tricky thing was that the water was above the curb also, so we couldn't see it. Fryer got lucky on where to lift up his front tire, but as for me... "missed it by that much!" I lifted too soon and I landed halfway on/off the curb and fell off. I got my feet under me and didn't fall all the way into the water. But as for the rest of the day I had soaked shoes and pants. But to look on the bright side, I didn't have worry about getting my shoes or pants wet after that. 

So we have this recent convert. Her name is Lux, she is seventeen and has just a ton of energy. We asked her to give a spiritual thought the next time we came over. When we went over she started to read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon. Me and Fryer thought about stopping her after verse 10 but didn't really want to throw her off her groove. So she finally finished and then started to pick out certain verses and taught about them. She was teaching, testifying, and committing. She basically taught a whole lesson by accident. We were just amazed how well she did. We commended her for her amazing lesson and then clarified more what a spiritual thought was. She is definitely going to be some kind of a teacher later. She's awesome!

There's more good stuff but not enough time. Me and Fryer need to eat, so that means goodbye. Just remember that the Lord is with you and always watches over you. So don't forget to pray. Ask in faith and ye shall receive. Test it out. I DARE YOU! 

Elder Walker
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Elder Brayden Miller said...

I like the blog background! Wow the rain! What an experience

Elder Brayden Miller said...

I like the blog background! Wow the rain! What an experience!