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Monday, March 12, 2012

Traveling - March 12, 2012

So we had Zone conference this week and it was so good! On Thursday, we took a plane to Fort Dauphin and then up to Tana. That was really nice and Fort Dauphin is really really pretty. Lots of mountains and really clean city, clean beaches. It is a place for tourists so I guess it would have to be clean. On Friday we had zone conference, Elder Soares of the Seventy spoke. He taught about if you have faith, repent, do good works, and pray continually you will know the mysteries of God and receive a ton of blessings. He is a really good teacher. He was so fun to talk to and learn from. On Saturday, me and Fryer left for Toliara in a taxi. Remember, this is not like a New York taxi where it is a comfy five-seater, this is a van where they fit four people to a row and your knees are crammed up against the seat in front of you. Me and Fryer took the nine hour, windy road, up and down mountains to Fianirantsoa. Stayed the night there and then took the eleven hour ride to Toliara. Not the best trip I've ever been on but it was definitely an adventure!

While in Tana, I got to pick up my packages!!! I loved everything that was in them!! The letters were awesome and the pictures... I love the pictures!!! Thank you so much! Thank you to all the moms, that was a nice surprise! Also, I think I'll be good on deodorant. I still haven't used up the ones I originally packed at home and then G&G Walker sent a couple in their Christmas package so I'll be good for the rest for the mission. Another nice surprise is that I got a package from Goff. He sent a big package full of candy and food mixes to me Fryer and Wilson. He also sent a couple packages to a couple other missionaries too. He is super nice and an awesome friend. 

So we had transfer news last night. Roney stayed in Tana when we went up for zone conference and Fryer had a mini. But transfer news was  that our two areas are being combined and now Fryer and me are companions once again. Taking on Toliara all by ourselves! It is going to be tough but we will learn a lot so I'm excited, and a little nervous. So it is going to be just the two of us here. I hope that no one forgets about us haha!

I know I always forget to say thank you to all the people that send DearElders to me but I just want to let all you know that I love them.  And Miranda, you sent Stephen's DearElder to my mission, the people in the office have been asking everyone if they knew a Stephen Harper and then I randomly saw it on the desk and was so confused for about ten seconds. Every time I picture seeing myself for those ten seconds I make myself laugh, haha! So thank you to all who have sent me DearElders and letters I will try to be better at responding.
Brad is in the middle row, second from right.

That’s the quick news for the week, be good everyone!

Elder Walker

No I didn't get to see the Hartmans, but they are coming soon, President didn't tell me when though.

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