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Monday, March 5, 2012

Long month - March 5, 2012

It seemed like February was forever long. Is it ironic or coincidental if it is actually the shortest month? I don't know when to use ironic, I feel like I'm getting dumber here haha!
It just sounds like an adventure back home. Lots of stuff happening. I don't know if I could handle it. I've been trying to get better at taking pictures of investigators. I think I am going to start taking a lot more this next year. This first year I only have 700+ pictures with a couple videos, and I can still take 1400 pictures on this one card.

This week was pretty dang good as usual. We sometimes don't get a lot of teaching in because we have to deal with the new church building, setting up the baptismal font, fixing stuff in the house, all sorts of stuff. On Friday, when me and Roney went to set up the baptismal font for Saturday, a huge rain storm just popped out of nowhere while riding our bikes and we both got soaked before we could find shelter. I hate having my planner all warped! I don't think I have a planner that's not. There have been cyclones just roaming around these past couple of weeks but they never come in to the island, at least not to Toliara. Fryer's Mini missionary always gets excited because he thinks he won’t have to work because of the cyclone. But then it never comes, just the normal big rain storms.

This past week Roney and I have been definitely teaching with boldness. Sometimes Malagasys don't quite connect things in their head or they don't understand it sometimes so you just have to tell them straight to their face, that they are not going to the Celestial
Kingdom if they don't get baptized again with the proper authority. The more I teach this gospel the more I realize how important it is. There is no messing around in missionary work!

So we got some new news for zone conference. We are actually going by plane to Tana and having Zone conference up there. And then after it is done then Me and Fryer are going back down in a bus like last time. BUT Roney is staying up in Tana before he leaves with Elder Hansen. So I am going to be companionless for about five days or so. I will be going in a trio with fryer and his Mini for those days. So me and Roney only have Five more days together before we split. He was an awesome comp and taught me a lot. Up there I will pick up my package that is now here it actually got here a couple weeks ago but they didn't want to send it down when we were just coming up.

So that is the scoop on this past week, I love you guys and hope that you have fun in the snow.

Elder Walker

1. How long before you think you can move into your new church building? The shortest would be four months because of the other contract. But it is still not for sure that we will get this building that we are looking at.
2. How long has Elder Roney been there and when does he go home? He has been here for five almost six months and he is leaving here on Thursday with us and then leaving Mada on March 14th.
3. How often do you do service? I mean as an assignment? There are no assignments here, it’s just when people ask or when we ask to do it for them. People don't want white people doing free work for them. Not because they don't like us it’s because they like us too much, that they don't want us to work for them.
4. What does it take to become a branch? You just need at least three Melchizedek priesthood holders and just enough members. I don't know the exact amount but we might become a branch when we get close to 80 members, I don't know. Right now we got to 45 members in five months. So maybe another five months or less depending on member help.

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