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Monday, January 9, 2012

Rain, rain, go away!!! - January 9, 2012

This past week, it has rained every single day, it has been cloudy every single day, I have wished for it to go away every single day. It was not kind of cold too. Would you say that 70° is cold? I would! I think it even got down into the sixties!!! I even wore a long sleeve shirt on Sunday. I looked pretty good in it too; it was extra white because it was the first time I wore it here :)

So this week was alright. It could have gone better if more people were home when they said they were but hey, those rice fields aren't going to harvest themselves! Right now, everyone is harvesting their rice fields. It kinda looks like wheat but it is still green. They cut off the stalk like thingy (I don't know what they call it) and then they put down a huge vase or something that is round, and then they just beat it against the vase, so the rice comes out. I didn't get a picture of it, but I will for next week.

Are guys jealous that I knew about Nat's pregnancy before you?! I can't believe that you guys found out about it from Jean, that's hilarious. I can't wait to have two nephews or a nephew and a niece when I get home. And possibly a sister-in-law... Maybe... yeah you're right, probably not. :) If Phil's not careful, he is going to have a sister-in-law before me. I wish I could see those home videos. I bet I was hilarious when I was five!

Elder Landon is awesome. He just tries his hardest to learn this language. Honestly, I should've done more language study when I first got here, luckily I still became good enough to train haha! I remember the times when I was with Evans and I didn't understand a thing. We were teaching a time in a small house, it's hot, late at night, and you can't talk to anyone, and you start to fall asleep. It happened multiple times. Just be sure to notice the word "start", I never once fully fell asleep. :) I've caught Landon dozing off sometimes, it's funny to point it out to the investigators because they just laugh and then Landon wakes up and doesn't know why they are laughing so he just chuckles too haha!

On Saturday, Wilson and I went on splits and we taught one of his investigators, Pascel. He is just one of those amazing people in this world. Wilson teaches him on Thursdays and Saturdays but his wife can't learn on Thursdays so whatever they teach him on Thursday, he teaches to her before Saturday. You can tell that he is a hard worker and really smart. He has a daughter that is nine years old, and reminds me of Dani a bit. Because she is so mature for her age haha! She is so smart and just laughs a ton. She loves learning the lessons and going to church. The parents were telling us that one Sunday, they said that they were not able to go to church because they were just too busy. And the daughter got upset and basically forced them to go to church. She is so awesome! She gives the most amazing prayers too, I love it! I love it when you find amazing people like that. They are really rare in this country because most of them have already become members :)

I did not know that you sent another package! That's awesome, but I still have not gotten it. I still have not gotten G&G's package yet. I really hope that it didn't get lost in the mail. I heard from some other missionaries that sometimes that happens and you don't get it for six months or something. But I'm sure that it will get here eventually. I haven't met anyone that has working internet in their own home so I'll just head over to the cyber café for mothers day. I'll probably be in another area by then so hopefully I can find a place that has a camera.

Well that's it for this week. I'll talk to you guys later, love you!

Elder Walker
The snickerdoodles we made. We were too lazy to make more than one batch so we did huge ones.
We found Gatorade in the store! We celebrated after.
We found little hats and had some fun.

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