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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heading into the New Year - Jan. 2, 2011

Hey family! How is everyone?! My week has been good. Not much happened though. No special stories to tell. I'm glad you guys had a great week yourselves. I'll try to get a voice recording of myself to send to you guys. I was going to give one last week but the batteries were out on my recording thing. So I'm going to buy some this week and do it. I wish I was there to see Grandmas face when James talked to her over the computer. I bet she was so surprised. Landon is a trooper. I didn't tell him that they usually ask new missionaries to bear their testimony their first Sunday in the area. So when I told him to start walking up there to bear his testimony, because they just asked him to, he just got right up and did it. He is really good at Malagasy, he just sometimes gets shy and forgets some words. Elder Landon and I get along really well. He is really goofy and really smart. He is one of those people that know random information and tells you about it. He likes to play poker, what do you expect from someone who lived in Vegas. He said he was majoring in political science. I don't know, he likes to read, have fun, do missionary work. The usual :) 

This week I went on splits with my Zone leader, Elder Sell. He is just the most amazing missionary ever. He loves to work and doesn't waste a second. I learned a lot with the language, teaching and just being a missionary in general the one day we worked together. He is going home in March, so he is already great at the language. On Saturday, everyone in my Zone went to the mission office for the New Years Eve party. We had really really,really good ice cream. It was actual real ice cream, not the fake kind that almost all of Madagascar uses. And we had coca cola floats, orange Fanta floats and sprite floats. There is no Root Beer, so we just used what we had. The Fanta floats taste like creamsicle, it was good. Then after that we played the game, "Do you love you neighbor". It was fun, and just as dangerous as ever. And after that, we watched the Despicable Me. I love that movie! It is so funny! 

On Sunday, it was another hour of church. Just Sacrament meeting. The talks were good. At least I think they were, I still have trouble understanding talks in sacrament meeting. One, because the language they use is a little more formal and correct, and two, I'm still a little sleepy. At least I don't full out take a nap. And after I just talked with the members and talked about the crazy parties they had the night before. So that is basically what happened this week. Not much but I guess not every week can be crazy eventful for two years. 

1.       Did you get G&G's package? What did they send you? I have not gotten their package yet, but I can't wait to get it.
2.       How do the Malagasys celebrate Christmas? Just like everyone else. Have presents, are extra nice, go sledding... k maybe not that last one. But they are just like us, but with less money.
3.       Did you finally get to see the dinner table conversation or could you only hear it? Yeah I go to see it, it was hilarious to see Phil's expressions, and Mom's eyes shut when she smiled. Once in a while I get someone to call me Asian because my eyes shut when I smile too.
4.       Anything you'd like us to send you for your birthday? Socks, a tie, macaroni & cheese, pens, actual pictures I can hold in my hand, love letters from any girls, any random gifts that you think I would like. 
5.       When are the next transfers? Right around your bday? Oh you'll be staying there, huh? Great! Transfers are on January 13 or something, but after that it will be the week before or right on my birthday I don't know yet. 
6.       What are your Sundays like? details.... Just like any other day. Just go to church at nine. Get home around one, eat lunch, then go out and teach people. Nothin special.

Well I just wanted to remind everyone to pray. It is really important to talk to our father in heaven. And also to read the Book of Mormon. We can receive answers to our question if we read the Book of Mormon. I love this gospel and know it can save peoples lives.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Walker

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