"Magicianary" - A missionary who does magic to bring joy and happiness as well as share the gospel with the people of Madagascar (According to Brad)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Cloud Ten - July 25, 2011

I figured cloud ten is just a little bit better than nine. 
The red thing with white in it is a fruit that tastes like a starburst. 

Everything is going great right now! All of my investigators are progressing real well. A father of a family finally came to church, mulitple people have started following the Word of Wisdom, and the family I talked about at first are finally getting married!!! It has been about five months since Elder Evans started teaching them and about four months waiting for them to get married so they can get baptized. And we had a huge dinner appointment last night, so that made me happy too. 
So this past week we decided to live like Malagasy's and eat rice and loaka (loaka is just the stuff you eat with rice) So on Sunday after church I sat down and sorted the grain out of the rice and Elder Evans cooked the sausage we bought and had a good Malagasy meal. On a side note, I'm so sorry for eating so much food. It can get really expensive if you don't budget right. But I am still healthy and strong and happy to serve to Lord. 

I just wanted to show you some of the names in Mada. [Boy, those are a mouthful!]

And last but not least some of the friends you might get if you leave the window open over night.

I've been switching shoes since the MTC, and Elder Evans has been using the same shoes his mission, they have needles through his shoes and bent so they soles don't fall off.
If you guys are getting the pictures fine, I'll keep using this because it works fine.
I've gotten letters from Maddie, Shai, and Shannon sent a DearElder to Madagascar when I first got into the MTC :)

That's crazy about Cache [Guzy]and Brad [Davis - both got their mission assignments changed until they can get Visas]. A mission is good anywhere though. And they will definitely miss the food there. Because othere places in the world do not have candy like America. 

Well I love you all. Remember to forgive people that have offended you in any way. Even if they show no sign of forgiveness or repentance. And if you have a hard time loving someone, serve them. It helps a lot. And if you cross the street, look both ways ;) I have learned so much from my family and all my friends. If someone is thinking about not going on a mission, they will miss out on so much. You progress so much, and I've only been out for almost four months! 

Oh and 

I love you so much! And everyone else too, I guess.

Your son, Elder Walker

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