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Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb. 18, 2013 - Happy Birthday

February 20th is Brad's 21st birthday!

This Monday Elder Waters and I went to Ambositra again to do a bap interview. It is always fun to spend time with the two elders down there. We came back Tuesday morning and then taught only four times that day. We are teaching these wonderful people right now. The wife is the only member out of all of them. We are now teaching her husband, the wife's little sister and her husband, her seventeen year old brother and now her older sister is now wanting to learn from us too. They are quite the bunch. And all of them come to church every week too! except the older sister cuz she just started learning but she has actually been to our church before but got a little discouraged because her ex-husband wont agree to divorce for some reason. So since she can't get a divorce she can't get married to her current husband so she can't get baptized. It is very frustrating how much a marriage costs and even more ridiculous how much a divorce costs. Hopefully it will go through. Later that night me and Elder Waters went on splits with these two members. But when we split up, Elder Waters had the phone, and the member I was with didn't have a phone. But we didn't realized this until it was too late to go back and ask where and when to meet and such things like that. Anyway, after me and my member were done with our times, we got on our bikes and what do ya know, he has a flat tire! Now the area that we were in was the furthest part of our area. Luckily the way back was mostly on a paved road. So we got to walking. We walked to the members house that Elder Waters was with and tried to walk in but their gate was locked! So what you usually do is yell "odio!" and they should come out. So I did it but no one came out. I did it again, louder this time, but still no answer. So we headed to where this member has family to see if we could use their phone. But when we got there, their gate was locked too! And the same shpeel happened again. So then we decided to just go to one of the missionary houses and see if we could use their phone to call Elder Waters. We got there and luckily one of the companionships were already home so we used their phone, but when we called, it went straight to voicemail... The phone was dead! I kept trying and trying and finally it went through. Turns out that Elder Waters and his member were in that first house but just couldn't hear. And they found a charger to fit our phone so we could call them. Also to add a cherry on top, Elder Waters got a flat in both tires, so we waited at the missionaries house until the companionship that had the truck, could take us home with our bikes.
Wednesday, we contacted this referral and it turns out that she reminds me of my favorites member here in Madagascar. She is so smart and she sees so easily that this is the true church and that she need to be baptized. Granted, she said all that the second time we taught her but not the first. Her older daughter started learning too; and they both came to church yesterday as well. They are definitely on the fast track. So there baptism is going to be the 14th of April. That is the earliest we are allowed to do it. The investigator has to come to church for at least two months before they get baptized. But I know that she and her daughter will be ready before that time comes. 

Thursday we went out to Saordroa again. We had a wonderful time with the investigators out there. And the members were so nice to give us corn before we had to hike back. Some of it was a weird red color... Madagascar was so kind to hold off on he rain until we decided to walk out the door. But the members were kind enough to give us coats and hats to keep us warm. We got safely to the road and hitch hiked back. 

Friday we went to the church to set up what is called webex for the zone leader council that is this Thursday. Its kind of like Skype. After that we went back to the house because both me and Elder Waters were not feeling so well. We studied a little and then I conked out at 5:30. And then I slept straight until 5:30 the next morning. We think that it had to be the questionable corn that we ate the day earlier. Whatever it was, it was gone by Saturday. It felt good to sleep that long, but I think it made my back sore haha! 

Saturday was like a replay of Noah's flood, so we didn't go out to work until the 5 o'clock. But we still got in four times before the night was over. 

Sunday, we got dogged  five times. And the times that we did go to the people were drunk. Yes it was discouraging but that doesn't mean that the world is over. We just always need to remember the eternal perspective and just keep enduring until the end. We need to endure with ourselves, and endure with others.

Well I only have 9 more days until I leave Madagascar. 10 until I get home. It's close. This is my last full week in Madagascar. 

Elder Walker

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