"Magicianary" - A missionary who does magic to bring joy and happiness as well as share the gospel with the people of Madagascar (According to Brad)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov. 19, 2012

Brayden Miller - first day home from the Rome, Italy mission (with Mike and Les)
Well that picture of Brayden is probably the best thing I've seen! That got me really trunky but I still loved it! I hope that I have matured or at least will show some difference.

To answer your questions from last week.  
Did you feel like you were prepared emotionally to live away from home? I don't think I had too much homesickness, just the normal amount. I guess it would be a little bad if you didn't have a little homesickness, right?  
Were you prepared to talk to people? I feel like I could have been more prepared with social skills. Like just with talking to random people but hey, I guess that what a mission is for, because I have no problem with that now. I think I'll be a little too straight forward now haha! I guess it's just the culture here. You can just walk up to someone and after saying "hello" you can ask them where they go to church. I guess it helps that we are white and any Malagasy just loves a white guy that can speak their own language. To get a conversation started with someone here is not the hard part, you just need to be careful with your words to make it sound that letting us teach them is the best idea in the whole word. I love being on a mission. 
Were you homesick at first at all? There was this one card that you sent me in a package in the MTC, and it said "Bradman" and that got me super homesick. But now it helps me to work hard and to finish until the end. I've been here for a while now that I can't remember much about home. Just the family is precious to my heart. And will be forever!

I feel like I was well prepared for a mission. If you were to pick one thing to bring on a mission it would be a testimony. If you had nothing else to start a mission it would be your testimony that would keep you strong. And that was one of the things that you guys helped me to grow. Through your hard work and just by pure example! I am so grateful for the amazing things that you have done in my life. So if a boy wants to go on a mission, it can be a lot easier if the boy and the parents work together to prepare him. Show him how to grow a testimony and follow the commandments as you do. And amazingly, while you follow the commandments, your love for each other will grow into an inseparable bond that can drive you to finish your mission. God is one smart cookie, you should really just follow the simple things he says and everything will work out. And I mean EVERYTHING! I'm continually amazed with what he has done and does for us daily.

Not much to report this week, the work is just going on its own. We tracted into this house and we just met the wife and she is really cool. She really wants to learn. We haven't met the husband yet but apparently he works for the turkey embassy as a chef. What, dinner appointment?!?! We'll see where that goes. Right now we are just contacting and tracting to find a lot of new people. I think that it is  fun to just talk with a lot people. Like I said the people are really friendly and just want to talk to us.

I'll talk to you guys next week, I love you all and hope that you just have the most fun every single day!

Elder Walker

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