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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Event Filled - April 30, 2012

This week was pretty dang full of experiences. Let's start off with "Pancake Mittens." So Elder Smith was telling me all about his delicious recipes he has made while being here. So I wanted to make his banana pancakes. The recipe goes something like this: some flour, some eggs, quite a bit of sugar, vanilla, baking powder, milk, salt, 8 bananas and MY addition 3 white chocolate bars and 3 milk chocolate bars crushed up to make little chocolate chips. And if that wasn't sweet enough, there was some left over syrup we found and threw some of that on. They were delicious beyond belief! I'll get the real recipe so we can make some when I get home. Now the mitten part. Lately Toliara has cooled down. Actually to freezing sometimes! It maybe got into the 70's one time, I'm not sure. And I was cold while making pancakes so I put my hands in-between two of them and it got me through the cooking.

Next event; "King-size Bed!" So in our house there used to be four missionaries but got put down to two because there is just not enough to go around. The whole time with Fryer I didn't think of this but Me and Smith decided to take the four beds and make two big beds. We grabbed some tape and some extra sheets and bada bing bada boom! Mega beds! Even though I have gotten used to not rolling around (or even rolled around in the first place) it is nice to sprawl my legs out. Plus it just looks cool.

Next event: "General Conference" We had a successful conference on Saturday. We set up two big speakers so everyone could hear and then unexpectedly our group leader Pres. Edaly brought a projector so everyone could see. It was perfect. But this being the first General Conf. not a lot of people showed up. Plus kids go to school, parents work so it's hard to take time to go to church. But it was really good because some investigators showed up that have never come to church. So that made me really excited for Sunday. But Madagascar being Madagascar, the power went out in the morning. And decided to not come on until later that day. So we had to hurry and run home to grab bread for sacrament and then buy some water because no water works without the power. Elder Smith did a talk and was awesome as usual. And then Brother Jules who is a long time member was asked to lead the meeting and give a talk also. He is a life saver sometimes. So half of conference was this week and the second half will be next week.

Last event: "Birthday party!" One of the families here is way awesome. The mom was in the first baptism here and now all 21 of them except three are baptized. And Sunday was the birthday of one of the two sets of twins in their family. Saulnah and Sauldah. They turned seven and just got even cuter! They are so fun to be around, it is a blast whenever they are together. Me and Smith made a cake for them. It was chocolate and had two different types of frosting on it because there wasn't enough. Maybe it was because we put extra amounts just to see the Malagasy's face when they had that much sugar. Anyway, it ended up being a hit!
The master bakers - Elders Smith and Walker

Well since I've spent way too long on the computer trying to send pictures it is time to go. PS. I couldn't get photobucket or picasa to work, so no pictures. Next week will have a lot. I love you all and hope you grow your understanding of God.

Elder Bradford Walker

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