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Monday, April 23, 2012

Transfered? - April 23, 2012

No I did not get transfered. I'm still staying in Toliara for another month. As for Fryer... He is now serving in Tana.  My comp down here is Elder Liam Baker Smith. He is from Sandy Utah. He lives only about five minutes from our house. I think he lives really close to Sarah our cousin. So yes he went to Hillcrest... But that was only a little bump in our relationship. He is actually really cool. His dad was a mission president in Chile so he is perfect at Spanish too. He has been in country for only two months and is awesome at the language! I'm still better at the dialect here in Toliara though so ha!

The work here is going just as much as it has been before. We started having a mini priesthood meeting after church just to let the members know their responsibility. It has been helping a lot. President Donnelly is coming down in May to see the progress of the church here, and possibly make it into a branch! I hope it does, that would be awesome. We as missionaries are really pushing the members (who are all recent converts) to further heights. We just really want to have people ready for when Presdient comes. The work here would go so much faster if it was a branch. I think if people have a calling they are more willing to come to church too. Right now, we cannot find a new building but we keep looking. We will not give up! Our church right now is ridiculously small, maybe we need to stay there to find some family, I don't know. I guess there is always a reason for something, I just hope we are looking hard enough to absolutely know if we need to stay or not.

We had an activity this last Saturday. It was awesome. First we opened with prayer and then Me and Elder Smith taught a new song to them because I was tired of singing the same four songs over and over. so we taught them the Spirit of God and We thank thee O God for a Prophet. Elder Smith and I demonstrated by singing alone in front of everyone first before so they knew what it sounded like. It was a little tough after a while because I have a little cold right now so I couldn't really sing but I tried my best. Haha! After that we had a wonderful lesson taught about the Book of Mormon from one of the members. And then after that we had a game. It was like soccer but on a table with pingpong balls and straws. It is two on two and you blow the pingpong ball into the goal. Pretty basic and way fun!!! It was so fun to see people get red faced from blowing so hard! And yes, even Malagasys can get red faced. Haha! I'm laughing right now as I'm typing, it was so funny. We also before the activity made a bunch of cookies. So that was a nice little treat at the activity. I'm a cooking master now, of course it was just with the premade stuff but still, I'm pretty good at it.  It was a hit. People love me because they think I can cook really good cookies. I even tried to explain to them that all the ingrediants are already in one thing but they still don't understand. So I just give up and let them think what they wanna think.

People are really sad that Fryer left. They get so attached to the missionaries when they come that they kind of get mad when thy leave. I hope that people here don't get baptized because of the missionaries, because it is not good to see the aftermath when they go. That is why we make sure that the people are absolutely ready for baptism before we do it. And then they are super solid after they are baptized. Even though Toliara is the newest area here in Madagascar it is going to be the leader of the church. They are going to have the coolest members here. Toliara is just awesome, I never want to leave this place!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week! I love all of you. Even if you don't email or send letters.

Elder Walker
  • Did you get transferred or did Fryer? ...Fryer to Ankorondrano
  • I just sent another package to you this week. Let me know when you get it. Yay!!!!!! I love packages! I imagine them as boxes full of love. I'll be sure to let you know.
  • Have you gotten any letters from anyone besides us lately? I'm still getting caught up on DearElders. I'll try and do more tomorrow.Yea I have got some from Shai, Miranda, Maddie and you. That happens to actually be  the same people on my "extra awesome people" list. That's weird how that happens sometimes. I just got a bunch two weeks ago when they sent us some stuff.

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