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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 26, 2011

Well another week passes by in Mada. This week has been a little slow. All of our appointments have either fallen through or we didn't have an opportunity to go and teach them. On Thursday, our washer broke, and then after that our pipe for our main source of water to the house broke! So we couldn't shower, wash dishes, or wash our clothes even if we wanted to. So on Friday me and Elder Smith waited for the guy to come and fix our washer who said he would come just sometime during the day. And the guy to come fix our pipe wasn't gonna come until five. So we waited and skipped all of our times and guess what... both of them never came. :| I was not very happy after that but we went out that night and had a great dinner appointment with our branch president. And about the washer and pipe, somehow the washer fixed itself... weird I know and we figured out a way to somewhat fix the pipe but it still leaks a little, so someone is coming tomorrow to fix it. (hopefully, he'll be there on time)

So like I said we didn't have much success this week but good news is, we still got 10 investigators to church. Which is amazing even if we got all our times in. So the 10 that Elder Smith and I had planned to be baptized went down to 6. Turns out that they have "special friends", but we will still work hard to get them married.

That is crazy that Sarah and Lynette [cousins of Brad] are getting married! I guess they really understood the importance of the September Ensign. Also Dad winning a 32" TV! I am so proud of you Dad, don't play too many video games on it. I wanna play a lot of golf with you when I get back, I'm craving it so much right now! You'll probably have to teach me all over again, just like if I was eight. Or five.

Let me try to clarify this for you, it could get very confusing. Especially with my clarifying skills. There are 2 churches, 5 branches and 2 missionary houses. In my house there are 4 missionaries, other house 6. 3 branches go to one church, which is my house and 2 missionaries from the other house. And the other four missionaries go to the other church. Elder El-bakri in my house is my District Leader, but Elder Riding in the other house is my Zone Leader. I hope that is clear...

I love that everyone is going on a mission!!! It gets me so excited because I just think of all the things that they are going to go through. A mission is awesome! All you little lads and lassies who are not sure about going on a mission, just go! It will be tough but as you go through it, you will realize that it is needed and also a blessing to go. Also, you might get to go to the coolest place on earth like Madagascar. This place is amazing, and I've only seen a little slice of the coast!

I love all of you with every fiber that's left over after loving the people here. (don't worry I have a lot of love to give)

Elder Bradford Walker, son of Michael Walker, son of Gary Walker, son of... Great Grandpa Walker
Just having a little fun with some recent converts.

I don't think I can pull it off, but personally I think Elder Smith looks like Jason Mraz!
Ravitoto, which means smashed leaves

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