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Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

I'm sorry f this email is a little short. The keyboard is being really crappy!!!

So I'll start on Thursday. Nothing happened. There are three companionships in the house with only two sets of keys. We were the last ones to leave and had no keys. By the time that we figured anything out both the missionaries were way too far to come back to the house. So we just spent the whole day inside almost about to go crazy. The next day me and Elder Austin were so restless we could barely sit down for personal study. 
For Friday, we went over to this member's house because the wife asked us to come over. Turns out that they are in some pretty bad financial trouble. They raise pigs and then sell them for meat. But since the pigs they had were American pigs and not Malagasy pigs they were really prone to getting sick. So the income they were going to receive got cut down to one third of the original price when most of their pigs died of some sort of disease. It is really tough to not give good people like that some money. But they are going strong and still active in the church. They have some really good faith. 
On Saturday we went over to the church to buy some pizzas! The young single adults were making some pizzas to raise some money for their trip they are taking. I bought five pizzas on my own and Elder Austin bought four. He actually bought six but sold two of them to Elder McLaughlin. I actually ate three of them right there on the spot. I was really hungry. And it was for a good cause. 
So here in Tana the missionaries go by what is called "taxi be" which means big taxi. With Malagasies it can hold up to 27 people in it. But sometimes that isn't even enough. We needed to take a taxi to this far out place and it just so happens that everyone else needed to get there the same time as us so we actually didn't get the chance to go out to these awesome members and investigator. But they weren't mad when we saw them on Sunday so everything is OK. 
The rains decided to pour on Sunday, our busiest day of the week. But before we get to that part I have to tell you about one of the best moments on my mission. It was the Primary program! Oh my gosh I was so happy. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a crier. I didn't cry during it but I was getting close. Kids like that just have such a pure spirit. Nothing will be able to top that for awhile. 
OH I almost forgot! I taught Priesthood class. Our branch here in Ampitatafika is slacking on the home teaching so I wanted to get them a little more diligent in completing that. I focused mostly on charity and how we can't let our own family perish spiritually. I thought it went well, let's hope that it makes a difference. I was pretty scared to do it before but it turns out that Malagasies just love to have some input so something was always being said. 
When we actually got out teaching the rain decided to start. And like always, it comes hard! Always. But we still got to some times and had some wonderful lessons. I can't forget but we had a couple, not just one but a couple less actives come back to church this last Sunday!!!! Sunday was just an awesome day! 
Well the weeks are winding down but I still need to work hard. I wonder everyday how many people can I give the gospel to in the amount of time I have left. It helps me work just a little harder. Especially as it is winding down. 

I love you all. Please give to someone. Have the Christmas spirit with you. It always feels good to give. 


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