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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas call - Dec. 25, 2012

Doesn't he look good?

Can he look any happier?
Brad went to his branch president's house to Skype this time which made it really nice for him not to compete with all the noise of a cyber cafe.

We were just finishing our Christmas morning breakfast when his call came in. I rushed down to the computer and in my rush answered just regular and not the video so we could see them, but they couldn't see us at first. Anyway, his MTC teacher Brother O'Day has been in Mada the last few months building lower cost housing there. Brother O'Day tried to pull a fast one on us and tell us that Brad had been transferred and he'd have to call us in a couple of days. I wasn't buying any of that!! Finally he said, "Well, it's time to open the presents..." and Brad came into view. It was fantastic!!

He got a chance to meet his nephew and niece and also future sister-in-law. He was so happy and upbeat. We got to say hi to his companion - Elder Austin, Brother O'Day and also the branch president's family.

Brad told us that he had some little news and some big news to share. So we asked for the little news first. Turns out he is being transferred on Dec. 27th to a place I can't pronounce - what else is new? He then said that he was going to be a zone leader there. So, we thought that was the big news. No, he then went on to say, "I'm being released on the 27th of..." and I shouted, "March?" No, February!! He warned us that it is not set in stone because it is 5 weeks early and the mission president has to get permission from the First Presidency if it is over a month early. I did notice that other elders who were supposed to go home in February are coming home two days after Christmas so I guess it really could happen!

We also asked Brad to bear his testimony and it was so sweet. He got emotional and choked up and we could see such growth and a wonderful spirit about him. He is still the same Brad but has more confidence and maturity about him.

It was a great experience talking to him - I love Skype! Being able to see him is the greatest!

Later in the day we all opened individual letters from Brad that he had secretly sent home through me. We were one big cry fest as we all read our special letters. It was a great Christmas!

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