"Magicianary" - A missionary who does magic to bring joy and happiness as well as share the gospel with the people of Madagascar (According to Brad)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept. 24, 2012

So on Friday, a member came with us. Brother O'Day my old MTC teacher came with us. He is staying here for work. He just started a company building houses. It seems to be going really well. Anyway, he came with us for about half the day. We just started teaching this one lady a couple lessons ago, that in my opinion is just a little sassy but she just loved Brother O'Days charm. We taught about the BoM. After two years of missionary work and two years of MTC teaching, Brother O'Day is pretty dang good at teaching. I've already been teaching with him once back in Tamatave but at that time I didn't really understand anything. Hopefully she will progress really well now. 

On Saturday we had three people baptized this week. Hery, Kevin his son and Aina. Hery was the one that had to be pushed back because he smoked to close too his baptism. But he was super ready for this one. The baptism went perfectly. The person doing the talk was there, both the prayers and the branch president also. And of course the three people getting baptized. I baptized all of them in my stylish coverall baptizing suit. The water was freezing cold!!! But there were a lot of people there to support them all so that was good.
Brad and Aina
Bakoly, little sisters and Aina with Brad and Elder Austin

Pres. George next to Brad and Hery's family

Pres. George, Brad, Kevin, Hery and Hery's brother

After the baptism we went straight into the activity. Me and Elder Austin taught about the Word of Wisdom. It was really fun! We taught in the sacrament chapel and I even had a microphone that I could walk around with! I almost felt like an motivational speaker for a little bit. And then after that we had a game. Sorry to say but it was the same game as the one we did in Toliara. We played soccer with a ping pong ball and you had to blow through the straws to score. It was super funny to watch. I asked people if they were getting tired and if they said yes then I would tell them that they weren't keeping the word of wisdom. Of course any game, any team I was on I won. After that my cheeks were super sore from blowing the straw so hard. And then of course we had soda and snacks after. 

And then on Sunday I gave the Holy Ghost to Aina. I've given it before but it is just really cool each time. Missionary life is so awesome! You get to serve so much! And you love it! Yes you do get tired doing it but it is so worth it. 

Not much for this week but I hope it was good for all you guys. I love you all!

I got my package with the debit card in it. I actually got it two and a half weeks ago but kept forgetting to tell 
you. :)

  1. Can you buy Madagascar vanilla there and is it something you can bring home? I'd love some! Ya, I'll grab ya some, I'll get you a lot if you want. I don't think that it's expensive at all. We'll see.
  2. Have you been keeping a journal? Ya, but I could write in it more though.
  3. Do you need any new pages for it? No I have plenty
  4. Have you thought about where you want to go to school when you get home? I'll probably have to submit applications for you before you get home so be thinking of where and we'll talk about it later. The only idea that I have is SLCC, to start my generals. But I don't know. I might just do that and then see what all my friends are doing after that.
Brad showing us some poses for his brother Phil's wedding

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