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Monday, October 24, 2011

Island Conference - Oct. 24, 2011

This week has been crazy! It was island conference this weekend, and Elder Nelson came to visit us, along with Bishop Edgley and Elder Mkabela from the Seventy. On Saturday, we went to the office and took a huge group picture with all the missionaries in Mada and the General Authorities. After that we walked into the chapel and shook all their hands, including Elder Nelson. And Mom, I know it is not as cool as shaking the prophet's hand but Elder Nelson came out of love, not to dedicate a temple :) [President Kimball came to Japan while I was on my mission.] After that we sat down and listened to all of them and their wives. Elder Nelson just let us ask him questions that we have been wondering about. Except we weren't prepared with questions to ask so some of the questions were weak. He taught us simply and strongly with conviction. He was amazing to listen to, I loved it.

The next day we went to this huge convention center to listen to all the General Authorities again and every person in Mada that wanted to come could come. I saw multiple people from Tamatave and many missionaries' investigators came too. There were a TON of people there! Elder Nelson talked about how the parents need to teach their children to love their Lord and God. How they need to read the scriptures to their children. Bring them up in a family enviroment. How they need to prepare the way for the generations to come, so they can have enough worthy people that can serve in the temple when it is built. He also stressed about doing family history work on the computer. Which I thought would be very difficult for Malagasy's to do that but if he says it, then there is a way. He put a lot of new responsibilities to the Malagasy people. I can't wait to see this mission in 25 years. This mission started in 1998, it has only been around for almost 14 years. The longest member that I have heard a missionary meet was baptized in 2002. It is so new here. I can't wait 'til families start to grow and and children grow up in the gospel! 

After the conference we had a music talent show with testimonies and spiritual thoughts shared. I did not play because I got too scared, but President Donnelly found out that I was thinking about it and asked me to do it for FHE tonight. But he asked while we were in the chapel in front of everyone, so I had to say yes. You should try that tactic Dad. If someone is too scared to give a talk or play a musical piece, then just ask them in front of everyone, so they feel bad if they say no. So lets hope that I do good tonight. 

So that was island conference, including the FHE with the Donnelly's tonight. I love it here. Goff and I are expecting around 8 baptisms for the 29th of October. Let's hope everyone can reach that goal. And by the way Mom, it is not certain that I am training after Elder Goff goes home, so don't say those preposterous things. I am strongly against the idea of training. I don't know, maybe it would be cool, fun, a learning experience, terrifying, scary, not a good idea to train. I guess we will just wait and see.

What the heck Melissa! Why didn't you send me an email!!! Now I don't know the sex of the baby! I'm guessing it is a girl, break that Glad trend and start the Walker trend over again :) Instead of making four kids that grow up to be beautiful, and one that ends up short and not as funny. Just make all of them beautiful, funny and tall. Just a suggestion... Have you come up with the name yet?! You should name it "Zanaka". Because it sounds cool and coincidently means "child, daughter or son". 

Sounds like you guys have a full schedule ahead of you. I hope you all have fun, make sure you smile and laugh as much as possible without annoying anyone. One thing I liked that Elder Nelson said was, don't think you are a nuesence (I don't know how to spell it so I wrote "mpasosatra" which means annoyer) when sharing the gospel to your friends and other people. Another thing he said was use your talents, no matter what they are. Sports, music, smiling, laughing, listening, just use them. So don't forget to use your talents. I can't remember much other than that but it was an amazing experience.

  • What's your companion's first name and where is he from? Brandt Goff, Idaho somewhere, its a small town 
  • Do you go into the mission home very often? I'm sending your Christmas package soon so I'm hoping you won't have to wait forever to get it from the mission home.Yeah I'll be able to pick it up when ever it gets here
  • Can you ever print off our emails? I can
  • Will you get your own copy of the Conference issue of the Ensign or should I send you one? You don't have to send me one, we all can receive one.
  • Do you still want me to send you DearElder letters from your friends? Yes
  • I'm assuming you are in a bigger city now. How do you like it? It is pretty crazy but I like it
  • What do you do on P-days now? Email, go to the office, shop, eat have fun, I don't know. Whatever we come up with right on the spot.
Love you guys, a lot! Keep being awesome and keeping the commandments!

Elder Walker

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