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Monday, August 8, 2011

Finally!!! August 8, 2011

I will start off by saying, I'm sorry because I actually did get Natalie's email and I've been getting Dad's too. I'm sorry for not responding to any questions you had, I'll try better next time.
This week has been crazy! The people that I told you about in one of my first emails, they have been taught for more than five months now, but they can't get baptized because they aren't married. Well, they finally got married and baptized!! That's what the pictures are of. One is of the marriage place, I just thought it looked a little gloomy, but who am I to judge.
The other is of them kissing (obviously) and then of them on the day of their baptism, one of their kids got baptized with them too.

The last is just me showing the happiness you have when serving a mission.
Anyways, it was a really good week! You can definitely tell the difference before they have the Gift of the Holy Ghost and after they have received it. I have never seen them smile so much.

It sounds way fun back home, I loved the picture of you guys at the temple, I feel like I am in Yuka's shoes right now. [visitor from Japan] Because she can only understand a little just like me, and she says no after she realizes what people are saying just like me AND she gets to spend time with the coolest family in the whole world.
Not much happened this week besides the wedding and baptism.
There was one other thing that I would like to talk about. Let me explain this investigator. He is only seventeen years old, he used to drink a ton, he lives 6 miles away from the church, he reads the BoM everyday, helps us teach other investigators that are close to his house, either pays for a pouse to get to church or walks. His name is Theodore and he is going to be a General Authority. It is amazing how much he has changed. This last week we taught him and I felt the Spirit so strongly. It is one thing to feel the Spirit when you are bearing your own testimony, or you hear someone bear theirs and it reinforces yours, but it is a whole other feeling when you give someone a chance to gain a testimony. Usually I just feel happy when I feel the Spirit but when he bore his testimony to us that he knew that the Book of Mormon was from God and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today, I felt something totally different. It was a lot stronger than usual and more like love. This is the first person I have started teaching from the beginning and he is going to be baptized on August 20th or 27th. I really care for him and am really excited for him.
  • Are you getting Dad's emails? yes
  • Have you gotten any more Dear Elder letters yet? Yes, I got the blogs and two of Phil's Dear Elders
  • Do you have CD players or anything to listen to appropriate music? Yes, but it is Elder Evans' so it moves with him, but if no one buys it from him then he'll give it to me when he goes home
  • What are some things that you would like if we can send a package? Some more pictures of the family (I don't have any of Melissa and Brian) candy of any sort the sweeter the better, cookie mix or brownie mix just something to mix, put any letters in that people want to send, ziplock bags, and anything else you feel inspired to send
I love you all and have been missing you all, but not too much. Keep praying and give someone a chance to gain a testimony.

Elder Walker

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Brizzly Bear I miss you!