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Monday, February 20, 2012

One Year Older and Wiser Too! - Feb. 20, 2012 - Brad's 20th bday

Hello everyone!!! I am 20 years old. I kinda cheated because I'm a day ahead over here. I don't have much to say and don't have time because the cyber here is really slow because of the cyclone. Even though it is sunshine outside right now... weird.

We had a baptism this last Saturday - four people. They were all in Fryer's area but originally Roney's investigators before the area split. It is going to grow so fast here if we keep working hard. Right now we are just a group but once it becomes a branch we can give people callings and more people will come to church and start bringing their friends. We saw a new bigger church building kind of more in the middle of town and once we move in it will grow faster too. If you didn't know I am officially the fifth missionary of our church to go to Toliara. It is really cool to be in such a new area - except everyone thinks we are Jehovah's Witnesses - I don't know why. All the Jehovah's Witnesses here are Malalgasy, carry briefcases (don't ask me why) and don't ride bikes.

Teaching here is a little different. You have to be really bold and sure of what you're saying. I've learned that if you talk louder and with confidence people will listen and think you're good at the language. I'm slowly getting better at the dialect.

So because this area is so new, there are not a lot of members here, especially ones with the Melchizedick priesthood. So on Sunday, me and Fryer gave the Gift of the Holy Ghost to two people each. It was really cool even though I was a little scared because I felt pressured to use Vezo (Toliara dialect) but I didn't force anything and it went well.

I can only send one picture because the connection is really slow. Just a really cool sunset in good 'ol Toliara
Elder Walker

1. Tell me the details about Elder Roney, first name, where he's from, etc. Elder Hayden P. Roney. From Mapelton, Utah. Oldest of 8. And way super cool and good at the language.
2. How is it riding a bike again? I love it. My butt hurts if we ride a lot in one day though haha!
3. Did you have any after effects of a cyclone that we heard about? Some rain, wind, no phone service for a couple days. Slow internet connection right now :(
4. Who are the assistants to the mission right now? Elder Curtis, going home in April. Elder Touli going home in march with Roney.
5. When do you have a zone or mission conference again? I heard that there is a Zone conference in March. But I am in the Antsirabe Zone, so I don't know if they are going to fly us to Tana and drive us down two hours or just keep us in Tana or have us drive up from Toliara which would take around 15 hours.

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